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NV Choir Camp

NV Choir Camp
-----Last yr Nov, my cca, choir, had a 3 days 2 nights camp on 25,26 & 27 of Nov. I, myself, was been selected as 1 of the grp leader(veri stress & tired),a grp that i am nt close (be4 the camp, now close already)or know be 4. This camp is 4 us(choir memb)to noe each other & united together to strengthen the whole choir in nxt yr(2005) SYF competition during Apr. That night be 4 this camp i can't sleep well, becoz maybe scared of whether i can handled such big grp(around 11)(but, turn to be ok 4 me to handle). That's wat i was thinking when i am on my b-e-d @ 11.30pm that nite. I think until 12+mn then i zzz until 7.45 am the nxt day(causez i don't noe whether is 8 am/9 am reach sch)(that time i was shivering don't noe is scared/afraid/cold or something, my hands & body keep shaking)(luckily, max made a call to my hse & we agree to take bus 119 @ 8.30 & so we reach sch @ 8.45am). We(all memb, except comti memb) waited 4 15 mins(to 9 am), be 4 the door was open to let us in(i think the committee is having a disscussion). The 1st thing we see is the name list & the grp that we assign to on the screen in front of the white board 9:20am my name & max, zx,michelle,sheena,sherilyn's name[y all sec 2, is becoz the teacher-in-charges(mdm wee)said that we(choir)must train the juniors to let them improve their leadership qualities & may consider putting us into nxt yr choir committee(sect.lead,asst.lead,president,vice.pres, treasurer...)] were been called & a list of name was been gaven to us(to mark attend-ence). Our president(shihui) "help" us call out the names on the list & was assign to gather around 4 briefing by mdm wee. She told us(whole choir) the camp rules(like never enter the rooms of opp. gender, cleaniness, sleep well(later i will be talk abt.), respect...),then we were been assign to the rms girls:3e1,3e2,3e3, boys:3t2.At 10 am, we play the ice breakers, 1st game we played the black blanket game,2 teams must sit opp. in 1 row separate wif a black blanket holding high up in between the 2 grps facing each other, when the blanket drops, the 1st 1 to say the opp. pp name(which is in front pp)correctly score a point. First it was play 1 by 1, later increase by 2(in pairs) & in 3(triple). It's fun playing , coz from there u will noe others pp names better. The 2nd game is the duck goose, which is similar to the hit-run game (a person will tap another 1 behind the back & run 4 "life" & must return back to the empty place be4 been catch by the person chasing behind u)4 e.g.(i 1 to tap the 5th person, so i tap & say to the 1st 4 "duck" behind her/him but to the 5th "goose" & then do the actions around the circle form by the players once be 4 sit on the empty place, be 4 been tap back by the pp u tap juz now. It's fun playing, but it's tired becoz must do the actions(cannot run/walk)(like crawl,hop on 1 & 2 legs)around the circlebut the grp get bigger & bigger coz more & more other grp memb came to the grp to play(the more the players, the larger the circle, so need to crawl e.g. around the circle which is at least 1 of the badminton court. The last game is the worst game 4 some of the memb, the game is play like this: our shoes are been taken off as foods during "war" times & were store in the treasurer(transparent)guard by 6 unlucky pp choose by the grp. 2 grp is form & the more shoes u gt fr. the opp. team (+ the shoe u gt left)is the winner,but 1 pp can onli take 1 shoe at a x. So, the 6 unlucky 1s must hold hands/buried themslves wif the shoes/cover the shoes up 4 nt been taken by the opp. team, but if u cover the shoes how could ur team memb take other team shoes & put into ur(so we juz "squeeze" through the limit space to put in the shoe into the treasurer & scream/shout/snatch to get the shoe out of the treasurer(transparent==nth)guard by the 6 unfortunate pp of the opp. team. We(others, nt guards) must run to opp. team to get a shoe each & run back to put into the treasurer, but it end up 2 teams taken the equal amt. of shoes (58 all) & the guards were covered wif messy hair(by the process of snatching & putting) & some wif bruises of his/her hands & legs(poor them,i can swear)then, it's the item preparation every grp must prepare a drama skit, ads, song abt apple within the 3-5 mins given, my grp prepared the edited version(by us) of snow white,7 drawfs & an apple. my grp that day plan out who shall do wat & writing down the storyline directed by crystal*. After that it's makan time(lunch),but all grps must cheers 1st be4 eating,(the loudest eat 1st)our grp managed to came out of a cheer& were given to eat. after makan is sing time 1,my liew,our instructor, taught us how to improve on the 3 SYF songs & after that we went 4 a mini badminton tournament @ 4pm, divide into men,women & mix double, becoz all parts(nt women double)need boys & my grp onli have 3 boys(include me),so i need to participate in the mix double, but unfortuately we(& a girl) lost(score:12-9) to james & vict. After, we went to bath @ (men)5.30-6pm(the rest left 4 women)(6-6.30). i quickly change my sch shoes into slippers&take my towel,soap &unwear clothes & run to the toilet cubicle @ the bath) was a rush becoz of no time, i queue up & quickly went into the cubicle & had a bath(sui bian wipe the soap on both my head & body & had a rinse to clean the body within 5 mins & the water is auto 1 so no need to off the tap, it will automicaly turn off SLOWLY,there is onli 1 hanger to put my clothes(both wear/unwear)& outside is still shouting 4 their turns,as i didn't take my comb along, i went spike hair when i wipe hair dried. Nxt is the dinnner makan time, again we managed to think of a cheer&were allow to eat. nxt, is the DVD time by mr liew, although, my liew didn't came, he recommended us a musical abt slavery to us to watch. Although, the musical is a little bit boring, i still enjoyed watching,the actor&actess performed a great act&sing 4 us to learn from. (10.30)aft. we take our cups & went to the canteen to drink milo&eat biscuits 4 supper. aft. we went back to classrm & change into slippers, take our brush,paste,clothes(me)(to change)&small towel(me).aft. the light went off @11.45pm & we were focus to zzz becoz tiredness==voice no gd(affected), but the classrm floor is sososo hard that i can't zzz well(&my sleeping bag thickness is so less, juz like nth), so do some of my frenz!!!all the events almost the same...the nxt day(2nd day)...we woke up @ 0630 to wash up & do the stretching @ 0700. then it is makan time...we were all hungry, aft the fun workout...then it was the Games time...they r divide into 5 different parts of games held on different places...the most fun thing was to carry 1 or more pps to reach & touch the justea drink...& it will be higher...when the lvls gone up...& me was to appointed to carry kp in the 1st & crystal carry pat in 2nd round !!!tires me!!!haha...still gt the weighting things 1...grps must give the exact or closer measurements given by the team caption. & each grp can onli weigh we must guess who + who can get the closer measurements...the worst combination was 3 pps on 1 small weighing machine which needs a weight of 180 kg(the last round)...& we won ...yes!!!end @12nn after makan, is the singing time...which ends @ 0400 we have 2 hrs to rest & bath & 4 the item preparation & it was fun becoz zhiming & pat is too funny lor {haha}!! then it was the makan time & singing time. i must say that that day singing time is the unforgetful 1. especially from 10 onwards...we were(every choir member+mr liew) given each a piece of blank paper to write down our name. then these pieces of papers were passing around 4 the every1 to say a few good words on the person on the paper...if the person writing do not noe the name on the paper...he or she can shout the name..."who is -------". & it was lovely to see every1 write on your own piece of paper{very touch lor, aft. seeing the paper}& so i brought this sweet memories to sleep after washing up. Nxt day(day3), we were given to wake up later{0730} becoz as a choir member, we must rest & zzz well...0730 we came down & had breakfast...the makan time was a time 4 us to think of new & creative cheers to warm the whole choir spirit up!!! nxt is the singing time 4...which rapped up the camp's choir time. nxt we were asked to clean up the sleeping room & toilets(even girl's toilet) & reach the ava rm @ 1010. then the nxt 1hr+ was the last item preparation time 4 us to rapped the whole thing up, & to improve & researal the play...& so funny lor my keeps laughing out until like 1 to stomacheache{haha}. then{1135}, is the item presentation time, me & other grp leaders weere ask to pick lots & we end up no.5 in the queue. all the grps perform a wonderful & humourous the s'pore idol & apple tree {hahha}[so funny] {no $$$to buy ads, so artists ownselves act in ads}& here comes the overall results grp "linde lee" was the runner-up & we (whole choir) play the bombing game & my grp even camera ownselves to leave a best memory!!!this camp really united the whole choir. hope to have more these kind of events!!!

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