Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taiwan typhoon Morakot

hmm.. this has been in my heart since i heard the news around 10 aug, while every Singaporean is celebrating ndp day. the taiwanese especially at those region.. where their lands are swamped away, and houses been collapsed and family members lost or even die in the natural disaster of heavy mudslide (due to typhoon)

it's their father's day (8 aug is their annually father's day) and yet it was also a day that will be hurtful for them.

"A week after Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan, rescue crews had been unable to reach 1,300 people trapped in remote mountain villages, officials said Saturday.

The Central Emergency Operation Center said 75 helicopters would drop supplies in villages in the south, the Central News Agency reported.

Taiwan was the hardest hit of the countries in Morakot’s path, and officials have said the death toll had topped 500. In the south, rain-soaked mountainsides gave way, taking houses with them.

The typhoon dumped more than 8 feet of rain on Taiwan as it passed over the island last Saturday.

A total of 1,373 people remained cut off in villages where roads were blocked by mudslides or washed away by flooding

just want to spread the message across so that everyone that's has the finance to do something out, please help those who are in need.

they urgent need medical supplies and food supplies (some have even starve for 1 whole week)

let's play a part in protecting our fellow global citizens!
we are 1 big family aren't we? so, let be generous and start pray for them..:)

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