Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Unforgettable night with Sisters...

it's a Unforgettable experience on wednesday night with my 2 Sisters..

didn't even know this combination can work so well..
we laughed from the time we met.. over to the dessert place..

Frolicks is the HIGHLIGHT of the night.. this going to be so EMBARRASSING!! ...

well, after a simple dinner, we went to Frolicks for some yoghurt, as usual we see the menu, and guess what the 2 girls called me in front of the 2 shop assistant...

SISTER!!.. they called me SISTER..

i should capture the moments loh.. i was SOSOSO embarrassed that i almost wanted to leave the place.. i cover my face... and .. laugh to myself.. while the 2 girls laugh very heartly..

we can't stop laughing for almost 3mins.. i can't breathe out and remained calm.. haha...

can't believe they shout/called out me that.. aiyo..

the cashiers' eyes nearly POPPED out when heard that loh.. aiyo.. this is so memorable.. haha.. :)

but after which, i avoid the cashier's eye contact and choose my pick..

nt bad lah.. but i should say YAMI yoghurt is better.. lol..:)

ps: i am going to eat tml:)

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