Thursday, February 9, 2006


very long time nv blog le...dun feel like blogging also...nth much to want bothers also...haha..sians...tis few wks nth to do..but to focus on choir..really a choir boy...i wish i could devote all my strength to studies like my studies had been deprove from bad to worst liao lo...haiz...really dun feel like going anym choir...although there are many frens i name some cute zuming..tall n big de zhaolun(james)..always smiles de cool de kevin..laugh de siao de claudia n cool de boy(opps..forgt his name).. shuai shuai de gaven..n choil choil de sheena.. like to gay wif me de samuel.. always sing de xiao wei..cute cute de walter..always bully me de eric..pervertic de very loud de kweepeng..tiny guy jianyong..unique hairstyle de to talk de modern dance de to sing english songs de sengyap..thin thin de winnie..n many many more...can't name all..or else de blog will be fill wif names..haha...

be truthful i really like nv choir..although there many negative comments from my frens abt choir..but i still like to to dance..especially..whr the whole rm is fill wif the ppl u 1 to be wif de..then dance de same song..n style..n laugh n laugh..really fun that is like very long since aug ndp 05 liao..but today i really enjoy that ava dao xiao ha ha

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