Thursday, October 11, 2007

Book Review "I believe you"

WAH.. thanks to yunting.. i very so fed up with the no ending online novel.. coz it's an online store book preview.. the last 3 chpts need to be purchase (u need to buy that book to noe the ending).. so.. i end up reading Chpt 1- 17.. in 2 hrs.. non--stop..
this is the site.. highly recommended to those who 1 to spend their time off.. and read this enchanted chain love sad story.. but ps no ending.. the ending is subject to ur imagination.. but definitly i will rush to 1 of the book store tml to see is that really available..then i will quickly and quietly flipped to the last few chpts.. wahaha.. :)

Small intro
Joanna Fung is the envy of many girls: She studies at a top Junior College, has a girl-next-door look and has good results. However, deep on her heart, she holds a secret: She believes that she has a curse. She believes that every bad thing she said will come true.

Jacky Wu is an ideal price charming: He is good in his studies and has girls waiting to hold his hand. He smiles every few minutes and often cracks jokes. However, he, too, holds a deep secret.
When their paths crossed, an unexpected romantic love story takes place...

(End of small intro)

the last few parts are very unexpected lah.. and really can't believe.. that author really have the ability to twist all those events.. hmm.. yup.. but i am also abit smart enuf to predict some events.. but it really very down to earth and it's like those events that are happened around u.. those unfortunate ones..

it really makes me think that.. quote one phrase of my favourite from that text..

" Only you… yourself can help yourself… Understanding yourself is most important…"
"I want to do something meaningful while I can.”

again. thank yunting for sending this link to me.. muz ask her whether she has that book or not.. haha.. and.. thank God i dare to click that link and view this great love story.. actually.. juz i really very undecidable to click or juz to put that aside.. but... i still click that link.. so i strongly encourage every1 who read this post to click on the link above.. and maybe using this time of less than 2hrs..u will understand life from a different perspective like i do ?

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