Wednesday, October 3, 2007

sat 29/9

29/9 sat.. i meet vic at abt 1pm.. both of us were late.. she rush back home to take her cd(my copy) of JJ and give it to me.. thanks thanks... haha.. yup.. then we travel down to marina sq to have mac lunch.. end up quite full.. then after that we walk ALL THE WAY to suntec the another end.. to queue 15mins for the so called "famous" donut.. end up.. "quite nice don"..hahaa. lolz.. we ate in front of the fountain of wealth.. then go down to the "wishing pot?".. something like that lah.. haha.. then we walked 3 rounds and make a wish.. i wish for.. dun tell u.. bu neng shuo de mi mi.. lolz.. :)

after that.. vic need to go to view hse.. so i got pang seh.. but okay lah.. i go esplande.. to watch children performance.. ?.. as in.. when i reach.. there's a storytelling session for the children.. so i end up laying beside the pillar to watch the whole 20mins performance.. haha.. then i go tour around the whole esplande.. those can have free admission.. the library is a great place for a rare collection of music, video, arts.. all those.. i highly recommend jeanne to go there ..if she need to do research.. heard it?.. haha.. yup..

then i go to the rooftop.. i have a great bird eye view of the whole town area.. suddenly i get so emotional.. but didn't cry lah.. i not that cry baby de.. haha. .then see dao every1 is like couple-ing.. then i quickly go down to the bay there .. to jump?... puke.. no lah.. to walk by the bay.. and that day.. i then noe that.. the floating stage is juz beside esplande.. haha.. but .. see the bird eye view from the top.. although it's hot.. but i really enjoy it.. enjoy and it really relax me.. and give me the motivation to move on.. yup.. :)

after my free time to 5+.. i went to meet my aunt and her fren aunt cindy.. coz that nite dinner is to celebrate aunt bd.. yup.. then seeing me so "obdient".. i also get to eat loh.. we makan $75++ de international buffet.. wah.. "rit how-turn".. i also dunno how to spell..lolz.. but the pronounciation is correct.. is a 7 * hotel juz beside marine sq.. yup.. if have chance... i bring your all there .. that will be 7 years down de road.. when i have a stable salary..haha.. :)

we eat alot.. from raw oyster.. to "fake yu chi.. --> crab meat soup"..haha.. then we have some fresh bread.. cut yourself.. then still got whole cheese bar to let u cut your self.. then .. the appettitizer is really amazing.. juz now say oyster hor.. still got raw sashmi.. all kinds.. then.. sushi.. which surprisingly is great.. then.. there is this fried crayfish that i love love the most.. haha.. alot alot lah.. the main dishes are appealing but not yummy.. haha.. look nice but not nice in the stomach..haha.. got alot of variety from duck to indian cuisine to salmon fresh fish..:)

dessert is a whole series of chocolates.. yummy.. cheryl will love this.. alot alot leh.. but somehow all is sweet one.. there is 1 mint one and 1 dark choco hazenut 1.. wah.. that's my favourite..haha.. then there's alot of cakes.. yum.. then there's fresh fruits.. i counted.. at least 10 variety.. from.. guava.. apple.. yellow and red watermelon.. till whole pear orange.. wah.. then we ordered some coffee and ceromiao tea to wash the food down.. and to chit chat till 11+...haha.. then we took a taxi home. .since it's abit late loh.. :)

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