Tuesday, January 15, 2008

speechless.. overflow blessings

really REALLY Thank God for the overflow blessings for my birthday week ( 7 Jan -13 Jan)
9 Jan Wed: CORE presentation
10-12 Jan:
Till Afternn/evening: Openhouse I-guides :))
Evening/ night:
10: BGR talk
11: Family dinner
12: Cg Service followed by fellowship

13 Jan: morning service, lunch at bedok, cg meeting, glisten inc plus sengy dinner

in total in that week i received FOUR sets of presents.. WAH!!.. that's alot..
Date? : 11/1 Fri
By? : i want to thank, meiwei, yuanh, wany, atiqah, siyun, sijia, jonathan and costllan
what is it? : it's a.. SUPERMAN WHITE "B-LING B-LING" TEE :)

Date? : 12/1 Sat
By? : i want to thank euz, andy, eileen, mich, cheryl, zengan, alvin, bhar,
special thanks to joseph, kweep and sengy for choosing the gift (spent alot of time)
what is it? : it's a.. checkers black, grey, white colour tied-fit jacket, vest, pull over.. :)
like this alot.. as what euz said.. really it's a BREAKTHOUGH to me.. :)

after fellowship dinner, zhiyuan specially meet me in sengkang just to have a chance to talk to me.. really super extreme touched.. though he can leaved early and go home rest.. he still wait for me.. wah.. i didn't say out that i appreciate it lah.. but deep down.. i really thank him..

when i reached home.. i heard that my aunt bought a big chicken drumstick and a slice of ($5.20== Coffee and Tea Leafs) chessecake for me... she rushed down from work place.. with her tired body.. wah.. so touched.. *(she has been stressing over work.. hai.. hope this will soon by over.. :))
so i ate my drumstick and a plate of noodles (my mum fried in the lunch.. steam it hot.. at abt 11pm.. hehez.. supper time.. :)

Date? : 13/1 SUN
By? : i want to thank alice, yaping, joyce, guoc, chins,weey
what is it: a REAL leather soft belt.. woohoo.. :)

Date? : 13/1 SUN
By? : i want to thank liwen, jeanne, claud and yunting
what are they? : a lame wording.. cute-man grey tee from korea brand.. WOW.. and a shaking head monkey display.. i still dunno what it can do.. haha.. but still thanks.. really enjoy that night..

also free meal of Jack's Place.. i ate my 1st beef meal in my life.. burgur not counted.. wah.. wierd feelings.. but its side dishes are so nice... yummy.. the mashed potatoes.. the cakes.. and also thanks for the Beganwansolo cake.. special thanks to claud and jeanne for co-organising it.. thanks yunting for the lateness and sengy for giving this great shocking surprise.. !!

last but not least: all my frens who rmb me and send me birthday wishes.. really really super SUPER touched.. i gotten an OVERWHELMING response of sms.. about over 15 smses.. haha.. really appreciated that.. especially.. on sat morning where i was busying serving the visitors :) i still rmb who are they.. (sengy, kaibin, jeanne, vic, claud, cheryl, si si, liwen, sayhaow, hari, zhiyuan, ahkai, xiuying, my aunt, my oversea sis and her husband, jiany, sijia, meiwei, xiao will, wany.. really really over from what i received last yr.. really really very touched.. :)

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