Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sub Zone Thanksgiving and Appreciation chalet 2007 (Day 1)

wow.. this long name.. seems very serious right?.. no.. u are wrong.. haha.. 27/12/07 and 28.. i went to this chalet at aloha resort at changi.. let me briefly tell u the sequences of events...

27/12 (Day 1)
1300-1400 i went to NTUC and Shop'n'Save to check out the prices of milo, instant 3 in 1 milo, coffee, tea, sugar.. guess what?.. NTUC is 20 to 40 cents cheaper than Shop'n'Save.. wahaha..
then i discovered with evidence that normal milo plus sugar is cheaper than u make 3 in 1 milo.. obviously right?.. but i got calcuation evidence.. wahaha.. then i compare and bought NTUC products.. :)

1400-1450: meeting time.. but everyone was late.. erm.. e~sr~belle* was there already.. i was like.. how come this gal looks so familiar.. then.. i waved and say.. "sub-zone chalet.. right?".. we smiled and waited together.. then michelle came 2 mins after that.. then we wait wait.. untill
jerry came.. he didn't talked much.. shy i guess (at that point of time).. then euz called me to tell us to come to mac.. then i go with euz to NUTC to buy the biskuit tins..

1450-1530: we carried out stuffs back to mac.. then leave them for Leo and Yi Quan and the rest of the guys to load them into Desmond's van and go off from there.. then we took bus 29 to the destination.. bus stop after old changi hospital.. finally see that buidling with my own eyes.. abit eerie.. then i was like.. walking the last.. erm.. haha.. nothing happens.. dun worry.. haha..

1530-1615: reach the chalet..woohoo.. it's abit below my expectation of my DREAM chalet.. but all the factilities were there lah.. very well-equipped.. then for that 25mins of so.. i was doing nth.. staring in the blank and sitting in 1 corner.. coz i didn't noe much ppl.. then ppl i noe are all busy with PSP or some tasks lah.. yup.. then finally.. the briefing starts.. then we prayed for smooth sailing of this event.. then i back to bored again.. my cell grp mates all haven't come loh.. males i mean.. :"(

1615-1715: the icebreaking games started.. with BANANAS!!.. 1st game is.. the bananas pilling eating competition.. pair to pair.. brother to brother.. sister to sister.. their legs and hands are tight with strings.. so.. from starting pt to the table of bananas.. each pair need to walk or hop to there.. then without using anything.. except the mouth.. to pell off the banana skin anf eat the banana flesh.. then when the pair finishes.. they will hop or walk back.. then the next pair after them can start hop/walk.. this cycle repeated untill everyone has the chance of playing..

i paired up with yi quan lah.. then.. erm.. he used his mouth to hold the banana.. then i peeled off the skin real fast.. dunno y.. everyone was cheering.. then i ate the flesh 1/2... then bite bite.. swallow.. then eat again.. till as close as mouth.. i bite the last piece.. the rest that's inside the mouth.. aiya.. dun bother.. haha.. then we walk very fast back.. the fastest pair.. WOOHOO..!

then our team won of course.. next is the Sponge-ing game.. the strings are untied.. team members stands in row of 1.. then 1st player that's nearest to the pot of water and the sponge.. BITE the sponge with the water and pass it to the player behind her/him.. then pass pass till the last player.. last player run to the cups to squeeze the water dried.. and go back to 1st player there.. and stand infront of him/her.. dip the sponge with water and carry on with the passing.. this goes on and on.. untill the 2 cups is overflow.. guess who won?.. OF course is my team.. WOOHOO!

1715-1800: another period of loneliness.. yup.. i was sitting in the sofa.. seeing them playing PSP.. and a mind game called the __________ (forget liao) untill when we are all ready to go to Changi Village for dinner.. thanks to Desmond's van.. and Desmond of course.. we gotta to travel so fast..

1800-1900: i, alvin, jos, eileen, and joyce queue for the nasi lemak stall.. yup.. it's 2.50 lah.. cheap but nice.. although the rice is somehow okay only.. the chicken wings is really fantasticly yummy.. and crispy of course.. after that.. went shopping with the gals to minimart stores.. after comparing prices of each sweets in each shop with eileen.. we came out a conclusion there.. prices really varies and no matter what.. there will still be a shop selling a cheaper ones.. haha..

1900-1930: we travelled back by Desmond's van again.. then back there.. they started playing X-Box and continued with PSP.. then the rest of us.. played the mind game.. is abt.. placing shapes onto the board.. so that you can placed all your puzzle pieces into the board without getting blocked.. corner of edge to corner of edge.. no side to side.. the pieces came in all sizes.. some is 1 small sq.. some is L-shaped but with diffn no. of sq.. haha..

1930-2040: continuing playing.. some of them 1 to play PSP.. so end up the game stop.. later more players came in.. we start again.. then.. end up some of them lost interest.. yi quan end up playing himself.. one mind to 4 boxes of pieces.. haha.. i watched and help him along.. ha.. then we play 2 minds to 2 boxes.. a very tough fight.. i got fitted up my puzzle pieces by luck each time i dun have any moves.. but yi quan end up won me by 3 pieces.. but he commented that i picked up pretty fast.. then.. he need to go meeting.. so i kept the pieces.. and stone again.. then ____________ suggested to play UNO together.. ha.. so we started playing

2040-2105: i went to the gals changi bunglow (CB3).. coz there's boys one(CB1) and gals one.. hmm.. they started watching "back to the future part 1".. i came in for the climax part.. really amazing graphics..

2115-2200: after the show.. i went back to CB1 to wait for part 2.. they are still playing UNO.. i watched.. the XBOX ppl are still playing XBOX.. ha.. then i moved back to CB1 with jo to see whether they are ready for part2.. end up.. they haven't.. so i euz and jo end up seeing "Huang jing lu" together.. with the chips and sweets and drinks.. then.. getting more and more crowded..

2200-2230: we watched the ___(movie)______ together.. then i go off to CB1.. coz i watched before last yr.. they are still playing XBOX.. yup.. then i stoned awhile.. Jo msg me to go back CB3.. coz part 2 started liao

2230-0015: the credits juz rolled.. thanks to Joseph..!!.. woohoo.. then i watched the entire part2.. it's so amazing.. better than part 1.. is abt past, future and present.. alot of complicating ones.. but put together.. it seems really logical.. haha..

0015-0030: euz gathered us.. everyone.. then told us ..hewber and his frens have gone missing.. then split us into 3 grps to find them.. at first we were so shocked lah.. then.. slowly.. their acting really sucks lah.. can see the facial expressions of the leaders.. especially yi quan.. lolz.. then.. euz still ask us eat more chips.. i thought find ppl is more impt then eat chips.. then still dun need torch light.. erm.. somemore.. if really got lost.. shldn't they go find 1st.. and not wait for us to watch finished the movie.. then find de mah.. haha..

0030-0040: we reached our 1st destination.. it's an entrance to an dark route of a forest.. we pair up again.. i paired with a newcomer.. nicolas.. yup.. each pair need to go in to pick up clues under the flagpole.. the last pair grab everything.. pairs can light candles.. and pairs muz followed the green lightsticks on the ground.. the red lightsticks means danger.. so keep out..

i tell you here.. i was extremely afraid loh.. somemore my partner is a stranger.. aiyo.. worst.. i kept praying to God.."God gives me the courage..we will find the puzzles.. i will protect nicolas (he's younger than me.. alot.. sec1 this yr).. i pray i pray".. lots and lots of time.. since i noe i will be going in.. till before i go in.. then when we about to go in.. we started chatting lah..

my first sentence is.. i noe you are afraid.. i am afraid too.. but God will help and guide us.. then i asked nicolas abt how's CHC.. how long have he been.. then we walked till 2 red lightsticks.. dunno how.. so we called euz.. euz asked us to walk over.. so we walked.. to the green sticks.. and .. so scared of anything to happen.. i asked him will he mind if i grab his hand and run.. he say dun mind.. run up to the flagpole.. irritatingly.. u can heard the "fake- horror" music airplaying.. i grab the pieces with one hand

we run back to the starting point.. in the middle.. we stopped.. he said his pants is falling.. lolz.. so we walk back when we see the bright lights at the starting point.. Praise the Lord.. i have overcome the fear of darkness on that night :)

after 1 or 2 more findings.. we were been called back to the chalet.. it's abt 0140.. exactly 1 hr.. Yi quan was upset.. coz he is involved in the commttite of the event.. end up the game is called off.. he commented.. "told you all.. the game will end in 1 hr.. ".. deep down.. i guess he's unhappy bah.. u think ah.. if u plan so much.. but then everyone dun get to have fun playing that.. won't you feel disappointed and upset.. :"(

0145-0210: i continued sitting down.. dozzing off.. the guys called me and nicolas to go bath first.. coz got 2 showers units..

0210-0220: have my first day of shower.. the sprinkle ah.. abit not functioning properly.. i turn turn it to min.. it's still drippling water.. no choice.. i give up..hah.. but still manage to wash my whole body.. so shiok.. hot de leh..!!

0220-0235: settle my package of clothes.. then apply some cream of myself.. then got down to kitchen for a warm drink to eat my pills..

0235-0245: wait for Alvin to start our Quiet Time.. he is bathing..

0245-0335: Alvin introduces Quiet Time to me and Leo.. i am totally benefited by that.. so honoured and privileges to sleep with them on that night.. Alvin taught us the benefits and the way of going about of Quiet Time.. then we started praying..alone.. one to one to God.. then .. we started singing after Alvin.. the songs is nice.. even without the melody tone behind it.. we pray again.. then end it off.. i am so proud by Leo's courage to receive tongues on that night.. really.. i can vividly heard him speaking.. it's so amazed.. from dunno.. till abit noe.. really really.. !.. Praise the Lord.. after that.. we pray for a good night slp and a safe series of events happens tml..

0335-0855: i forced myself to sleep lah.. awake for 1mins.. then dozzed off again.. this happen for 3 times.. but still glad that i can sleep for this 5 hours or so.. :)

* names that i dunno have to spell
________ names that i forgotten.. i noe their faces..

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