Sunday, June 25, 2006

JJ Lin jun jie de s'pore concert

wahaha..see i so gd..late at nite still write blog..mi write a short 1 1st..later dun think can hv chance le..need to conc on studies..

hurray..i finish seen le JJ de concert wonderful..the whole performance was so dam great..

  • 1st, the stage is so close to us..although the sound is so loud whn comes to (kuai ge) tempo going to burst ur ear drum like that.. but..JJ was so close to us..the stage is built that the left is a staircase while the right is a runaway la..then we happen to be at the left..(his right)..then as a singer..he will take turn to face each direction..centre..left and whn he face like he juz 2.5m away from us only lo.. then he wave at us..then smile..then sing..then we also wave and sing..
  • our many surpirse comes out..1. he going to play piano solo sing..n u noe wat...the piano faced our direction..wah we dam siao liao..thn is like is like he sing to us...haha..then all the slow rock songs he help others ppl compose all sing thru his nature voice using only piano as a instrument..the music circulate the whole stadium and make every single 1(audience)feeling so smoothy..
  • then his dancesteps although a bit odd for some songs..becoz of his constume..but he said he needed more humble..then he is so r&b..then got live accupearla..then is like a big band doing the is totally different from cd album.. all change tempo n tunes but also so nice...some even nicer..
  • then his dance grp also did a great job..very oraginze n cooperative and JJ de costume so nice some funky some so little..some very hua li..i love those singlets wif a sleeveless coat on smart n cool with a cap on..and some silver accessories on..:D
  • ..wah i can't take tired..nxt fri then con't write..then every1 4 wishes me on this afternn to enjoy myself..thanks ah you guys..I WILL KEEP MY PROMISE be con' gtg is 25/6/06..3am...
  • i won't forget 24/6/06..that day i have the most fun..n who is my fav idol..JJ lin..U rox IN MY LIFE 4EVER..:p thanks "gor" for your hard work done..every s'poreans there appreciate ur effort..your tears we will rmb in our minds..ur sweat we will wipe it for u..your songs we will rmb 4ever..untill we met again in your nxt concert:D

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