Saturday, July 8, 2006


i am so **ck by my com...wah lau..i typed 30mins of auto closed my window..wahlau..whr gt such thing ke angry now..think i can't write much wat de..few mins left..last paragr i wrote thr so touching dun think 1 t otype le..type le..suddenly erase also no used..irritating.. ok la..mi briefly say wat happened this wk la..
mon youth day..sch holi..i pei e4 fren to go t okfc at r.plaza to do math n hv lunch thr lo..then afternn back as normal tv slp revision..then watch superband..wah mi lu bing get into the top 6...haha...surivive in the revival happy..they are so cool n funky lo..haha...hope they can win..wish wish..come true bah..:D
tue normal la..aircon classroom at EOA science block thr..a bit timid ..coz heard some rumors here and thr la..but overall okay la..of course..the guys can played soccer outside the classrm..then i can lean against the railing to wait for chers or come out take in fresh air..then see the snerery or the field or the hall...quite relaxing la..but our class de inconsiderate de..they bring food in classrm eat..aircon n food...omg...''hungry ghosts"....juz kidding..
wed ms tan talked to mr yong abt our class soccer didn;t study..o's juz around corner..baa baa baa..before the sch starts bah i guess..then during the last period..he come in to tell us story and he make a sudden clap..big clap sound..scare us...we all sort of jump scary..
thu i had my o's mt oral in the hall..hsha..can release happy..then whn come to me..the oral time..i a bit scare..but i did my best..that';s wat i can only said..reading stumble a bit..then conversation didn't say much lo..but give a good conclude..ghaha..
fri hv golf for pe..before that mr goh ask us to run 3rounds..wah..he said give u discount le..orignal is 4rounds...then i ran untill near "fainted" to say neh..juz can't catch my breathe a bit..but comes to golf..much relax le..then ms tan share wif us a bk written by a paralysed doc who complete his marathon of acrossing the 7 wei da..he went thru many ppl tease him..n didn't give him chance..but he "fight" for get his place in the university..then as a doctor...successful ms tan say we muz set a target or a goal so as to we can hv the determinaton to aim high n far..
sat means today..morning...chem mock exam ok la..can passed bah..i guess..although a bit hard..last qn 8marks killer qn..then we go hall watch de hand over cermony of the president of youth wings..a bit touched by the songs sang by corinne may..(thru album played audio)..n the ppt slides arrange..then mr chong.. servicing our sch for 7yrs hand over to another guy..hope this new guy can do as well or much better then mr chong chong jia you oh..nv gate s will be open 4 u...:D

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