Saturday, July 29, 2006

my happy week

hey hey.. wah..finally 1 week over liao.. i can hv the time to blog liao..wah..finally..this week ah..haha.. the most impt thing is genie de bd...haha.. sun i go with my dad mum and sis to the car company to make the final payment..haha...this coming tue can sit new car i went shop shop the tortoise after chem crt.. buy le 1 cute 1 cost abt $15 la..haha..then tue i went clinic see doc...prolong cough plus flu.. must be the aircon room system hai irrtating..and throat always will feel dry..then drink 2 much water..muz also need to go toilet often..haiz..really troublesome..and hor so much ppl de lo...dun y is it the lunar 7th mth or wat...every1 sick..n i wait so long onli get 1 cough syrup and 10 tablets of flu med..wah lau... i waited 4 2 hrs(prescription plus counsel)..then these 2 nite i spent few hrs making art and crafts..haha..mon wrap the inner part of the tortorise..then cut the paper out..tue night then start to write down the song lyrics plus the thoughts that i had 4 her la...then write write write till abt 1am..then nxt morning wed...wake up and wrap present plus quickly revise a math..i told myself a math wan le.. haiz...wei le ta..i...haiz...but i did feel abt lighten liao..wat i need to say to her de all inside i won't feel upset or depressed a bit high..haha..happy bah i guess..juz freedom makes me happy..too much of waiting will make a person looks dull..then during reflection time.. mrs chia noe that genie bd is on that day..corinne they all wanted the whole class to sing bd songs..then the emotional genie cried le...haha..i glad that she noe that the whole class is still caring 4 her.. whole class sing bd song leh..somemore 1st time in my 2yrs in e3..mrs chia willing to sing with us and use the reflection time to sing bd song..wah..chao gan dong de..then mrs chia give us freedom to go to hall to view exhibits..she noe that we will did our part by reading the EL at hm glad she STILL trusted us..(be4 sch-->) but hor the bunch of gals wanted to see wat present in the gift wrappers..they 1 genie to unwrap..then hor..i use de wrappers..specially choose 4 her..n ..they...haiz..that's wat i upset abt..bur suan le..nt my bd mah..but i glad that they said the male tortoise also quite cute...haha..then with the female de..wah..happy couple..but nt means i and her la..she has her "directions" and mi has my priority..which might be studies 1st bah..
wed nitez...i ate my dinner in rush..then genie says she like my tortoise..haha.i felt happy2...then i waited exact 9pm then i kicked away all the tv singapore idols..and the love at o degree..then 9.30..jia hui..the 933 dj..picked out my letter and read..she said.."originally..i wanted to put the letter back de..becoz it is too untidy le..but i told myself to read 1st.."..then she complain my her equals to my character..actually is i write too rush la..some my patterns of drawing..added really a bit messy la..i admit..but overall i am touched that becoz this is my 1st time writing letter..and she picked mine..despite of my handwriting..then is the excitement that counts la..i noe jia hui long liao..she is mouth nt equal to heart de la..but nvm..i will write to her nxt mth coz mr lee ck and janice wanted..5 of sept hehex..then write all the bds down.. that becoz thu recess mr lee ck listen dao the song delication thru my hp la...partly becoz yt rise the speaker too loud le..but i dun blame her la..nt her fault also..n so..fri mr lee announce to the whole class abt this delication..then say wat unfair..he also 1...ahya..they 1 i helped write lo..but the whole class noe liao..i really a bit embrassed..somemore they noe i write 4 genie lo..ahya..suan le..this incident will settle off with time bah.. fri afternn which is ytd..i got a hair cut intro by qingx and with joseph i go to a auntie hse at hougang thr..end up the hair cut looks nice la..i now feel more refreshing and awake..hehez...okay la..mi gtg watch tv all enjoy de day n happy weekends:)

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