Sunday, August 6, 2006

a de-stressed and relax friday

wahaha....this week main focus was on friday...wahaha...geog audrey tan bring 15 of us...namely..the 9 gals...wei qi, yunting, claudia, jeanne, zhihui, zhi yi, melissa,fathinah, and sharifah. still gt 6 guys, eric, darren, xihong, nick, me, and shiliang. haha... ms tan ordered a small school bus to pick us up..then ms tan had kindly arrange the bus to stop and wait for us when we reach a specific location la...okay.. ur all will be come the 6 flowers and the "or-kiey" grp didn't go..they said wat they need to rest and wat sat afternn got dates la..still say wat got eric then dun go...i dun think so lo.. got sumthing dark secrets can't noe de la..but i also dunno..haha.. poor yuentuck can't go..coz his peers nt going..."wat 1 for all..all for 1 " tan said this is peer pressure...haiz..nvm..they dun go..we also can hv fun...haha...

1.55pm at phy lee ck say a short speech on how stress he was...n his live had been stuck our studies..everyday prepare n make tests and quiz ..still need to mark...later still need to set up practical sets...n mark.. n need to prepare 41 sets..then mcq red book also he did de...he didn;t collect any single cents from us...(cost abt $6.50..if i am nt wrong)..then he said sumbody juz can't appreciate it..last 2 yrs he didn't do that 4 our seniors...he spent so much time to arrange this n that 4 us...n some of us didn't even care to do the red book...then the mock exam 2 only few passes...which he think is shldn't be that case...he put in so much effort but didn't get wat he want in return(results) i think it is really nt fair 4 him i really really decided to puck up...wei mr lee..most of all..wei myself..overall iti s nt him to get the cert..but it is us... within that tears are circulating wtihin my eyes..i dun wish these tears to come out...or else mr lee will feel more sad.. so i kept them to myself..but that 5mins is really alot for me...since 3e3..he had been care 4 us...tell us to make the right choices and correct decision..n we muz go far...dun give up..these stuffs from the 1st day we stepped into his class..n now less than 100 days to o's.. i shld really do something le...n nt slack le... mood of the day sort of got stir up..then till 2.30...i heard piano tune...wat a familiar tune..and melody...juz be4 darren say who is the 1 playing..i noe it is jeanne le..juz by hearing the tune... n so claudia n the rest of the gals also crowded around the piano...then the wind started to blow...i began to felt relaxed...with tthe soft music and windy breeze...

n so..2.45pm ms tan meet us...we enter the bus n sitting...small bus..but enuf seats..but so coincidence..i am at the back of the bus wif my "germany" frens.. then is like nick is juz infront de beside of me la..then that long time nv had the feelings back liao lo...since nov 2005... that feelings came back le...we chatted in a sour way..n he punch me lo..long time nv had that situation whr i can be with him l0ong so long..although now he has his new frens..i also hv a few..but this feelings is special yet impt to me like almost a yr liao..he still hv nt changed much...n keep bullying me...i really treasure the time we had together on fri la..although we are nt sitting is juz like heaven has kindly arranged for me and him de.. you might think i am crazy or wat...but it is juz very touching lo..beside me is my good fren shiliang n infront me is my ex-best fren nick..this feelings is really unique.. yup..i felt contained..zhi zu.. xin fu also..gaying with sl and play with nick..although nick keeps been bully by xihong..but that is already nt under my control.. (sometimes whn something is is gone..but whn it came back..u juz need to happily accept it)

whn nick sit on my legs is like...:'))omg...very difficult to describle de la...u viewed yourself la..scrolled down the sept 2005...bottom of this pages ..

ok la...go back to fieldtrip..
i briefly describe the experiences....
3.30-4.45 sungei buloh wetland reserve
5.00-6.15 bukit timah nature reserve
6.40-6.45 passing of singapore river
7.00-7.15 labrador park
7.45-8.30 sentosa siloso beach(in betw in travelling time..whr i hv fun gaying n playing n eating junks...choco..crackers and chips)
9.20 arrive at compass point(ms tan arrange to set off us down at cp so that it is easier n safier for us to go hm...)

sungei buloh is my 1st time trip thr...the exhibition is really fantastic.. so real...then we had a great time captured the photos of real species and living plants...windy day..calm sky.. orchestra of insects played...sound of we reach a resting stop..the scenary is juz too nice...we captured the perfect moments and walked back to the bus to continue our ride...

nxt stop bukit timah nature reserve...climb the hill is really a big tired yet fun...then wat..we applied the sound of lee will be glad whn he heard that... wat EK= EP..force...F=ma...baa baa...hagha... then whn reach the much to see...haha.. then back from the much easier...darren had a leg crump..we all kindly wait for him to recover n continue the walk..

labrador park is whr i heard from ms tan..that..there got "nt clean things" so this special mth also double the fears...but ms tan says..she talked a short while thr..n we can go off we hurried go to the seawall thr...huge wind n sea breeze blow to us..but we also can't rest thr...becoz of our safety...we decided to set off as soon as possible...haha..

but we end up to arrive at sentosa very late. ... nite hours le... miss the sunset...but we still hv a great fun,, despite of the darkness..we hv fun playing invisilble volleyball under the dark..n the hiding trees(indian dance) under the star nitez...then ms tan tell us the building of 4 small land in front of the sentosa is to stop the huge current to coming to sentosa...hahaha..then we had great time playing titanic roles and singapore idol..photoing of pics in the dark..n stand n relax to let the smooth winds blow across relax n like all worries hv gone le..very long nv have that feelings la..can go out with glisten inc and my great..okay la..typing so time complete hws le...haha..ok la..hv a great day...thanks 4 viewing..byebye..

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