Saturday, March 17, 2007

my 1st photo upload

hihi..mi here again.. to upload my 1st photo.. i muz ACKNOWLEDGE photobucket for its photo i extracted from in one of its member album onto my own album and back to my com. this photo is due to its copyright. if i have offended any legal action. i apologised.

anyw..this photo on my right is "Wu Zun" lah.. hua yang shao nian shao niu(3)(hana kimi) de wu zun.. (Qun).. he is shuai lah..haha.. and this photo background is orange..makes the whole photo orange..(*which is my fav. colour). the final esponise of that is veryvery extremely lame lah.. is like the storywriter of the script keeps fooling the audience, the male lead and female lead 1 to say out the truth but they are been stopped by their frens.. so fake... but really unexpected ending.. viewers who have nt watch.. (IT'S WILL BE TELECAST ON THIS COMING MON 19/3/07 7pm on channel U) it's with EL subtitles so fathinah if u free..u can watch also..haha..:)

anyw for the tagboard... i am sorry that i can't change the background of the texting (the below 1) in black to black texts.. btw u can highlight the text when u are typing to check whether u misspell it or nt.. i apologised also.. happy weekend:) IF ANY1 NOE HOW TO SOLVE PLZ FEEL FREE TO TAG AND TELL ME... THANKS.. :)

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