Tuesday, March 6, 2007

my JAE results

wah.. after a few tragic of attemps to blogger.. i finally can get in le..

2/3/07 fri: today i went out with weihan and sengyap to watch the "Dreamgirls". wah it was a veryvery nice movie.. it's abt how 3 girls manage to survive in a terrible music industry.. how they become famous and how they solve their disputes and the songs accompanied which is sang by them.. very hao ting lo.. touching also lah.. so i rated 4 n 1/2 stars.. if nth to do.. can go watch this movie.. haha..

3/3/07 sat: today my aunt and her fren cindy come to my house in the morning to visit my grandma.. then we eat breakfast together and have a great time chatting lah.. (mi like aunty liao..hah..jk) then afternoon, cherine and victoria come to my house lah.. i owe them a visit..hehex.. then cher helped me with the neopets account.. she give me a lot of foods lo..my pets are like dying liao..heng got her food.. then we go downstair playground play and chat at cp lo.. nth much coz cher need to work at 4.30pm.. the most impt i dun like is that they keep forcing me to say abt my love thingy.. i keep changing topics but they keep "pulling" mi back to the nasty topic.. (i am going to say it here.. coz i want them to noe i am unhappy about this)
every1 has their own wounds.. why they must keep frocing me like rubbing salt to my old wounds.. i noe that i am not that open-minded or something.. maybe is that i just need more time bah.. nvm..they just won't realise.. same for my other frens..for that 1st day they noe i am with who and who.. they will say wah.. "cheemeng with that who and who".. from choir to classrm.. it really gets very irritated when ppl keep kidding on you.. one or a few times..i can accept.. but too much de hua.. i really dunno wat will happen.. YOU ALL THAT I AM THAT TYPE WHO TOLERATE TOLERATE AND BOOM.. EXPLOXDE OUT ALL DE...

4/3/07 sun: nothing much
5/3/07 mon: me watch youxxbe lah.. then very funny.. hua yang shao nian shao niu(3) rox loh.. so funny especially de "Jin sui yi".. and also ella lah..haha.. their expressions so "kua zhang" de loh.. haha.. mi now watch finish liao ep10 liao haha.. 5 more to go...:)

6/3/07 tue: this morning.. 9.55am qing xiang called me ..heng i not very sleepy..coz the vibration wakes me..normally i am like dead pig de..hah..so she ask mi which course i enter.. i haven't check mah.. so she helped me..that's how i noe i enter into "financial business and informatics" TP of course.. cause i enter all my choices that are in TP..haha...so no need to worry can't get in.. then today my frens(most of them) all msg me to ask me which course loh.. then i need to type "financial business informatics" for many many times.. abt X times liao loh.. then i dunno eat wat things.. afternn 4pm have a major diarroea..wah..now still a bit weak.. anyw mi tml going to learn my guitar(1st lesson) tell you more next time bah
below are my frens school of admission

eric, jianyong, zhao xiang, weijian : NYP chem and phmy sci
shiliang, yan hao and zul: TP mechatronics
josep and qingx: TP info-com
fathinah and jin sheng: TP biomedial sci
claud: TP business magm and market
alex: TP accountacy and finance
mel: RP sport science
sam: RP events magm
mingxiang, yong jian, ivan, hong sheng..: SP engineering courses
nick: SP com engineering
yunt: SP resort and management(think so.. or else is tourism and ..)
jeanne: need to wait for her drawing test to confirm whether poly or arts sch (all the best:)

that's all for now..more updates later.. like news report..haha..:)

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