Sunday, July 1, 2007

alice animatio and others

okay lah.. juz a quick sum up of my studies.. okay.. for now .. i scored a D+ for system analysis lah.. there will be more release of results next week.. omg.. it's torturing.. that moment be4 the annoucing of results.. my heart was like stop in the middle loh.. then i scroll down the class list.. saw my name.. and my grade.. wah.. "relieved" is the word for that.. coz i intrepet the problem and causes wrongly.. and i anyhow humph thumb others qns mah.. so can get D+ i am already very fortunate le bah.. see... ur fren here.. so looking on the bright side de

last week i have my worst sun/mon
sun: from 0930.. atiqah call me up to ask me something.. that's how i been shake awake.. then from then till 1330.. i did my long report on alice program.. after that go swim.. then night at 1930 i start my ISFUN research.. wah.. it's really very tedious loh.. i end at 2115 watching Initial-D.. :D

mon: went to sch.. sch ends early coz no ISFUN.. mengsiew go oversea.. make up with kee heng nextweek.. so from 1600 i start my lab session at level 5.. coz level 5 then got com to use.. 1700 i very stress with alice prog.. called Jem for help.. in the end.. he needs to help my classmates and me.. poor him.. told him i go find him le.. he insist that he comes find me.. haha.. serve him right.. nono.. jk.. thanks for the help oh.. after that from 1830.. i move to level 7 to do untill lab close which is 2100.. can u believe that.. i was like.. 1 ppl alone.. doing.. sad right.. is not that i last min then do leh.. i plan very early and do early liao loh.. is juz that i that day hand itch.. 1 to add some animation.. after that take bus.. home.. alone.. msg claud mei for motivation.. feeling a little better.. thanks oh.. :).. after dinner..(i force myself to eat alot.. if not i will surely faint).. rest and watch a bit tv then msn.. shldn't on msn.. make me start writing report at 12 and not 11.. argh.. guess how long .. winded.. i wrote till.. 0300 loh.. faint..coz i added methods i also need to write those in mah.. serve me right.. and becoz of that.. i slp for only 4hrs.. :(

really serve me right.. okay.. juz 1 to thanks frens who have help me lah.. claudia for counsel me.. hock gor for telling me to delete that method and change to another 1.. Jem gor for everything he did to me.. that skating and kneeling is really great.. impressive.. alice and joyce for their all the way movitation since the start of the project.. THANKS .. !!

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