Saturday, July 7, 2007


ARK?.. yup.. mi..this guai(obedient) finally step into the grounds of aracade.. dotz..okay.. last thu (5/7/07).. i am been called up to go bugis de aracade with alice, joyce and costllan.. yaping join us later.. weeyang and chin sheng not free..(rushing projects) left 5 of us.. let me see what we CRAZY THINGS WE HAVE DONE..
1) joyce sudden scream in the mrt station
2) the WHOLE group laugh like crazy mad inside the mrt train
3) dig finish Swensen Earthquake bowl
4) scientific experiment with the dry ice and water... BOOM.. no lah.. got dry ice coming out..
5) the expert of house of dead 4.. dead at last stage.. A STRANGE TO US.. but we cheer and watch behind him..lolz
6) i throw hoops.. my bball kana stuck in the side of the hoop.. argh
7) i throw bball.. untill the bball rebounce and hit backwards.. luckily no 1 is injured..lolz
8) me again.. throw bball untill the ball shoot on top of the game machine.. omg..but after that.. i figure it out the right techniques.. and...WAHAHA.. i am the HIGHEST SCORER among them.. 75.. :(... :)...WAHAHA...
9) posed out funny and crazy actions in the middle of public.. NO IMAGE.. no XING XIANG le.. (me.. alice and joyce.. the 3 craziest..crazy and sudden crazier.. by order of appearance)
10) Last one.. laugh for 2 hrs untill stomach ache from TP bus stop till Bugis junction.. WORLD RECORD..

hopefully i can save up enough money from our SENTOSA GATEWAY TRIP during our vacation month.. woohoo.. SENTOSA HERE WE GO... :D

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