Saturday, July 7, 2007


these few daes alot of strange things happened to our class lah.. i dunno why it happen.. but it juz happen like that.. been the audience of this situation.. i really dunno what to do.. but i better juz stay out of these situations and let them cope over themselves bah..

basically our class is divided by cliques lah.. 4 cliques in total from the start of oriention.. but slowly.. dunno why.. we started to mingle with eachother.. that's a good thing lah.. but after that..

i can't said it here.. and i am not going to say to anyone also.. cause i am not that kind of person.. you all know which kind of person i am.. trustworthy de mah.. ya loh.. so ytd.. that shocking news said by my close buddy really shock dao me.. really really SHOCK dao me.. i really dunno how to react loh.. it's like all the odd and strange things that happened this whole week finally get resolved.. as in i finally noe why liao loh.. but what to do.. how to do.. i really dunno.. and i also dun have the rights to do.. looks complicated right?.. yup.. it's that COMPLICATED..

i am really disappointed with a gal in my class lah.. i dunno why she 1 to do that.. and what is she trying to do loh.. but i noe how she does lah.. _________sorry to leave this blank_________.. our class really have these kind of ppl.. ___________:'(_________.. i am have been knowing her.. chat together.. have fun together.. protecting her.. it really HURTS me loh.. why muz she did this to my close frens and my classmates.. i really dunno.. we really can't JUDGE A PERSON BY ITS COVER..

same to a not so close guy-classmate of mine.. we are not close at all loh.. then these few weeks he started ditching his clique and try to mingle with us.. he is like getting closer and closer.. trying to mingle with me and weeyang.. i really dunno what to do loh.. now.. i noe his motive.. i even dislike his actions loh.. i dunno how to stop him.. u noe that i am a fren-fren kind of person.. how can i reject his offer.. argh..

dun worry.. ur fren here.. ME.. will try to keep away from these ppl.. why.. muz i stuck in this class.. why muz let me noe the truth.. i am not saying..he shldn't tell me.. but.. it's like.. i feel really REALLY sad after hearing that.. really really.. DEPRESSED.. !!

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