Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pics for Chinese Garden

Hi every1.. it's 2.16 midnight..and i am still uploading photos.. faint.. juz now happened to visit jeanne's blog.. then rmb she said she is uploading these photos.. so i choose some.. some of them is my individual pics.. then the rest.. too much.. all at her blog.. haha.. so plz see see look look.. haha.. enjoy!

Proudly present!! Mr/Ms Ah-Bee.. shld be a Guy.. Owner: Claudia

Me and Jeanne promoting "peace" Make a Wish :P

Glisten inc without Mel..sad:"( Who is that "idoitic hand? spolit the pic.. :P definitly nt mine:)

Me and orange octopus (left).. hehez.. cute little ah-bee talking to me.. i listen very carefully :)

Ah-bee with two "evil" gals.. "molesting" ah-bee :P 2x 2 = i lost count.. :P

Typical Singaporeans? ...

Tour guide for the nite?.. strangely.. this photo shot finished..1 second later the light of the panel switched off.. maybe it's fated that jeanne was been able to shoot with this panel with light on bah.. :)

Heart to Heart VS Shoes to shoes ?

Ha.. that's all.. 2:33 midnight liao.. i better slp.. tml still got service.. need to wake up at 8am.. ciao every1.. take care :)

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