Wednesday, November 7, 2007


seems to forgot what i did last week liao.. hmm.. let me see.. got what .. oh....
last mon 29/10 i sicked... wah.. high fever till 37.9 degrees.. then eat le med.. fever gone down.. but still got sore throat.. :"(.. ur all.. must really take care of yourself oh.. seeing each and every of fren falling sick after me.. :(

then.. still got what.. i forgot liao leh.. haha.. sat 3/11.. went out to eastpt with vic and sengy.. ha.. eat long john.. the chicken grilled is salty.. but okay lah.. i can accept.. haha.. then walked the deserted big mall.. very very nth much to shop.. then vic go off.. left me and sengy.. haha.. but nvm lah.. this week she joining us again.. hope this sat will be a fun one.. :)

sun cell is fun.. too much to contained in myself.. breakdown after that.. then from that moment on.. i promise i will make myself happy again.. to shine to others.. like i last time used to be..
that happy-go-lucky guy.. that always smiles and no worries guy that i used to be..

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