Tuesday, January 13, 2009

half an hour after my birthday

19 liao loh! more burden and more things need to bear liao. Just want to appreciate the following..

Thanks for the sms FROM
Sengyap, Zhi Yuan, Victoria, Yun Ting, Jeanne, Xiu Ying, Shu Xian, Costllan, Aunt, Claudia, (10)
Si Hui, William, 3rd Sister, Michelle, Euzanne, 2nd Sister, Wei Zhi, Kai Bin, Andy, Si Yun, (20)
Say Haow, Kai Zhou, Eugene, Joseph, Cheryl, Zhi Yun
(WOW. close to 30 ppl for the whole day.. FAINT.. thanks!!)

Msn msg from Si Kai AND Call msg from Yuan Hong and Wan Ying (can hear her voice), not to forget my Personal greetings from my family..:)

Hongbaos from
Birthday presents, meals and CAKES! (Order of appearance)
  • Black Dog tag with my name engraved and greeting card (Victoria)
  • "JJ" Black Hat with checkers lining (E98)
  • Zha Cha worth $79.90 at Serangoon Coffee Shop (Family)
  • Pizza Hut on dutch Lunch AND Calvin Klein Men's Perfume (Xiu Ying, Ah Kai, Zhi Yuan, Zhi Yun)
  • Brownie cake from Polar (Xiu Ying, Zhi Yun, Jonathan, Costllan)
  • Ajisan dinner treating AND long cartoon cake from Polar (You Hock and Glisten inc.- Claudia, Jeanne, Yun Ting)
  • Superman Black Leather Belt and greeting collage (You Hock and Glisten inc.)
  • BreakTalk blackforest cake (Family)
Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!!

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