Saturday, June 16, 2007


haha.. last thu (14/6/07).. i really have great fun k-ing together.. it's like i, cheryl, sihui, jeanne and claudia.. originally i 1 to have 2 sessions of k.. but since they noe each other mah.. so grp them..haha.. let that i go once can liao.. U NOE HOW BUSY AM I DE LAH..but before that.. i am really really very very looking forward for that lah.. let me give u some reasons of mine
  • I haven't k for like 2 mths le..the urge of singing is very very high
  • I miss them.. lolz... no lah.. i mean so long never meet liao.. really misses.. especially jeanne and sihui.. very very long time never meet them liao..
  • I just feel like wanting to k loh..haha..
  • I planned this 1 full month in advance liao.. told them 1 week before their term test.. lolx..

okay.. so above are some of the reasons.. anyway.. back track.. okay.. so i arrive at sengkang mrt at 10am sharp.. I AM NOT LATE.. but THE REST of them are LATE.. totally totally.. ... okay.. nvm.. it's OKAY for guys to WAIT for gals.. haha.. so we took the same train.. claudia and cheryl take from punggol then pick us up.. at sengkang and later for jeanne at kovan.. so we were like chatting lah.. abt our studies and work.. how are our life.. all those lah.. then walk walk.. change train.. BUT DUNNO WHY.. KEEP WALKING STAIRS.. they got escalators dun 1 to take.. insists of walking stairs.. say what to EXERCISE..lolz..

so we reach cathay cineleisure(cine) at about a few mins past 11.. that's okay lah.. coz we were.. i mean they were late mah:))..haha.. okay.. so we start choosing songs and sing loh.. at first.. we were not very high.. i tried to make them high-er lah.. but they abit fang-bu-kai.. haha.. unopen..??...haha.. then our lunch and drinks came in.. we ate.. and sing loh.. it's untill this song.. all our true colours CAME OUT.. stefanie sun de FIRST DAY.. omg.. tell you.. this song is THE KEY to open our true colours.. we were like jumping jumping.. and sing without image.. (xing xiang).. yup.. the hyper type of ALL OF US.. is all shown.. lolz.. then the rest of high songs.. PUSH IT UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL.. then the rest of the slow songs we were like sitting closer together and sing liao.. instead of watching.. we sing together loh..haha..

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these songs to you all out there..

  1. lian ai-ing.. by mayday.. also very high.. we shout till no voice left.. as in.. we all no need mics.. juz shout it out liao..
  2. fan bu wan de xia tian.. by evan yo.. tell you.. when jeanne and claudia went to toilet.. i, cheryl, and sihui.. was like squeeze together and sing this song.. getting higher and higher.. coz we 3 are VERY familiar with this song.. then.. was like sing sing SHOUT SHOUT.. wave wave.. move move.. which i think.. life is like that.. isn't it.. opps.. cross topic.. lolz

Some songs did i perform well enough.. the song are nice

  • Ai de zhu xuan lv, by xiao gui and zhuo wen xuan, sing by me and claudia mei.. wah.. we sang minise 1 loh.. i was like.. sure or not.. coz i did k this in k-box before.. a bit scare.. but.. heard that jeanne say we sing nice.. jiu.. fang xing le..haha.. or else their ears will suffer..haha.. but anyway.. the male singer sings quite a low key which suits me perfect lah.. so i didn't worry very much of that.. haha..
  • Xiao qing ge, by su da lv, sing by me and claudia mei too, and this song is the next song of the above song.. and since only we 2 are holding the mics then we sing loh.. nono.. the rest some is dunno.. some noe but dun1 to sing.. haha.. this song is SUPER CHALLENGING.. as in the male singer's key was like dam high.. i was like squeeze my throat (mr liew, my ex-choir onductor said.. dun squeeze ur throat.. it's not gd..) so.. i cut down on that.. went on fake voice.. haha.. they were like so shock.. at my voice.. abit lah.. haha.. but i manage to sing thru.. which is quite an SMALL ACHIEVEMENT to me..haha..
  • Ni guang, by stefanie sun, sing by me and jeanne, this song is best to de-stress urself.. i let all my frustrations out.. wah.. after that my moods better liao.. yup.. coz.. this song need the so-called "punch" in that.. which.. i is that punch.. i then like this song de..haha..

okay.. so this is like after all those songs.. cheryl went on to start beating us.. then we were like running the whole room.. lolz.. they lah.. not me.. i walk from 1 corner of room to another end only..haha.. they were like screaming and screaming.. lolz.. but really.. it's is quite a memorable 1.. we spent abt $12+ on that.. haha..

later we went window shopping at THE HERRENS then took train to VIVOCITY to continue shop.. i was so amazed by the crowd there... A HUGE CROWD.. and it's a thu somemore.. yup.. we drop off at early swensens for a dessert.. it's like hot chocolate plate for 2 ppl.. but we 5 ppl share it.. the menu pics looks big mah.. so we believed it's enough for us.. but .. when the food came.. WE WERE TOTALLY SHOCK.. by the size.. 1/2 the size smaller.. so.. the moral of the story is NOT TO JUDGE THE SIZE OF THE FOOD BY ITS MENU.. lolz.. okay.. i was like.. okay.. nvm.. let's eat.. but 2 fork how eat.. heng each of us got spoon.. then we start eating.. the food is okay only for me lah.. i admit i love chocolate lah.. so anything with chocolate is fine with me.. haha.. we pay like .. $3.80 each for that.. the plain water is refillable.. lolz.. we were like drinking non-stop..haha.. hope they can refill for us sooner.. lolz..

then we continue shopping.. but didn't buy anything.. i bought my cash along.. but to no use.. haha.. so it's like .. there is 2 shops and 1 department store i 1 to recommend to u all out there

  1. 1st shop.. the PET shop.. i dunno the exact name lah.. it's at level 4 of VIVOCITY.. then it's like a big store like a department store like that.. the PET SHOP offers service like grooming of pets.. purchase of goods for pets.. purchase of pets.. etcs.. this is my 1st time coming to this type of shop.. coz normally.. i thought that PET shop will have a odd smell.. but this shop DUN have.. and customers like us.. can view the pets at their "tv-screen" windows.. haha.. the dogs was like so small.. few mths only.. so cute.. haha.. we all were like aiyo.. so cute.. so cute.. haha.. then the hamsters and rabbits are like supriseingly big..

the most impt attraction of this shop is the GROOMING corner.. wah.. it's like a corner where the personel will groom the pet and like for that day.. he trim the fur of a small dog.. (tell u.. the dog was like the size of 2 of ur palms horizontally put 1 after another).. and it's SUPER white.. i can imagined hold it.. and touch it.. comfort it.. lolz.. but too parents dun allow me to have pets at home.. my childhood is a life without pets.. hai.. okay back track.. the dog was like sitting on the table was obdiently.. we stood outside the window to watch like about 20mins.. lolz.. discussing abt the actions of the dog.. i named it mr white.. claudia say is a female.. coz usually female is more obdient.. i was like.. can't be male be obdient as well.. but i didn't brought it up.. coz i am too engrossed at looking at the dog.. same for them.. lolz..

2. next shop is the shop that sell soft toy.. is different from toy'r'us.. the toy are more furry and the texture also.. so smooth.. and cosy.. lolz.. we spent like at least 1/2 hr.. exploring the shop.. luckily the shop owner didn't chase us out.. coz claudia and jeanne were like photo-ing with the shop items.. lolz..i sihui and cheryl were like acting out.. the pervert(me).. the SPCA(sihui) and the middleman (cheryl).. i was like "molesting" the toy rabbit.. then SPCA was like "stop u.. pervertic uncle.." lolz.. middleman laughed and i continue to "molest" (as in only touch lah)

3. the department store is TOY'R'US.. our childhood are back.. i was like.. dun go in.. i scare i can't control myself.. YUP..end up.. i REALLY CAN'T.. we were like holding the soft toys and hug them.. lolz.. CAN'T believe i was doing that.. HELLO..i am a POLY student.. lolz..

here are some photos claudia shot.. thanks mei.. haha.. let me slowly slowly intro to you

Above: claud mei and me.. NOT spongbob family hor.. but i really like spongbob becoz it's SQUARE.. lolz..

above: si si snatching hello panda from me?.. or is it.. i snatch from here.. lolz.. poor panda i shld say..:P

okay lah.. that's all.. that day i really have a VERY VERY GOOD time ENJOYING myself.. it's really rare to spend quality time with your best frens and such.. yup..i must really thanked me for organising this.. lolz.. okay.. gotta go.. see ya..

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