Saturday, June 2, 2007


yup.. now late night.. juz 3 daes from term tests and i am still not studying or revising.. i dunno wat really happens to me lah.. how can i squeeze 5 subjects of revision into 2 daes.. last minute revision again... sian.. i dunno wat am i suppose to do.. totally stress out.. got all my notes ready beside me now.. but i juz can't settle down to study.. i connect the connection and u noe wat i did juz now?.. i view all my frens' blogs.. it's a totally odd move i have.. okay.. forget about that.. stress stress.. so far i have done some revision on the storyboards of PRSP alice.. with weeyang these few daes..

and.. these few daes i have done all the group work about SAS drafts sololy.. which is i done the group work on my own.. if not who are going to hand in the draft ytd(fri).. yup.. so ytd stay up untill very late to finish the template.. wah. .tell u.. i squeeze all my brain cells and information i noe about SAS and the project assignment and hump-thumb inside all in the template.. guess wat?.. my teacher today say.. my group.. (i corrected him is me) is on the right track.. thankfully... oh.. THANK GOD..haha.. ok..

thu and fri.. during break time.. our new odd clique.. alice joyce costllan weeyang jonathan chin sheng(fri only) and me.. were like chatting in INT flavours canteen lah.. coz we have a whole lots of time.. originally is makan only.. but end up we sit together to talk about relationship and first love on the first meet up.. then we were like laughing at one of the classmate which i dun 1 .. or should i say.. i can't mention who.. "mae mae mae".. it's like weeyang act out the actions and the whole group of us was like laughing like crazyly mad..

i was like holding my stomach and laugh untill mu tears came out laterally.. that's how funny it is.. haha... fri.. we continue to chat.. again.. haha.. this time more private issues came out.. thu was relationship wise.. fri is like.. i finally get to know the TRUE COLOURS of one or two of my classmates.. really really can't accept the truth.. but i still need to bear with it.. hai.. given the choice.. i rather didn't know it better.. it's so disguisting.. oh.. gross.. hai..

okay.. nvm.. lucikly my day is not sadly coz before that i really have a wonderful laughing session.. this time.. i am also the 1 who laughing the most loudly de.. and this time i slam the table.. so u can gauge the laughter level of that le bah..haha.. i was totally out of control.. breatheless and tears running also.. same goes to my other frens..haha..

later after that meet cheryl to go to bugis for that S.H.E album cover.. spent 4 hours waiting for 1 cover is my biggest mistake.. as in if can.. i will study... haha.. very unlike of me hor.. coz it's really 2 daes away from term tests only.. and now i am still blogging.. OMG.. save me.. anyway the meeting is a mixture of plain waiting with great laughter lah.. we ate our so called dinner (Mac) on the bus.. so bad.. but too bad.. coz we are really hungry.. 8+..9pm leh.. not hungry.. who will believe you..haha.. okay lah.. gotta to go .. it's over 2am.. guess i really need to slp.. tml going full speed with at least 3 subjects.. haha.. BBFIN.. ISFUN.. PRSP.. for now..haha..

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