Saturday, June 9, 2007


okay.. finally i can blog liao.. after so many borings tests and tense up nights.. and i didn't even slp much loh.. maximum is 6 hours of slp each night.. i wonder how i survive that de.. okay.. so i am going to roughly type out my workload for this week..

sunday: went out to meet weeyang and alice.. we discuss PRSP at mac.. yup.. my fren is called alice.. and PRSP de alice program is also called alice.. ha.. so i and weeyang was like.. alice is so dam difficult..i hate alice.. help.. some1 teach me how to figure out alice.. haha.. since week1.. she has been mocked by our class.. ke lian..haha.. but she's alright lah.. cheerful cheerful de.. juz dun suan her too yellow can liao..haha.. busy day.. i have lunch.. mac chicken student meal..:D.. and you noe wat.. the cashier lady asked me take out my student card loh.. i look so mature meh.. i guess is chao-lao bah..haha.. anyway.. dun care abt that.. juz take it as i am mature can liao..wahaha...

monday: i had PRSP test.. it was okay lah.. surprisingly easy... haha.. but some of my frens dunno how to do.. dunno why.. okay.. but i really have confident to get at least a whole day in mac did paid off.. study only PRSP.. all my other subjects all haven't touch dao loh.. worse senario.. shld plan early.. after that meet evening with weeyang .. chinsheng(lucky) and alice at mac for dinner and later to discuss BBFin qns.. so difficult.. we cracked all our brain juices then arrives at the answers.. starts from 6pm.. guess when we stop.. 11pm.. omg.. i send alice home.. coz not safe.. so late.. then i get the last 2 or 3 bus back to my home.. juz reach hm before 12.. heng ah.. or else surely need to get TAXI home le.. (weeyang and lucky studied at mac untill midnight..)

tues and wed: tue i had Basic business finance(BBFin) test.. 1hr test.. did my best.. it's all about maths de lah.. and application qns abt calcation.. yup.. dunno i got it correct or not.. but suan le.. all over.. haha.. wed is my worst day of the week.. i interrept the 10 marks qns wrongly.. guess i won't get any marks le bah..another qns i also got it wrong.. end up plus and minize.. i calculated.. FAIL.. same to my others classmates.. luckily the weightage of that test is 15% only.. the subject is information system fundamental.. wah.. i am so angry at myself.. end up.. gooble.. yup.. gooble.. all my tibits i can find at my home.. eat and eat.. untill i calm myself.. and asked myself.. "wat's that for" .. haha... so i calm myself again and get back to revision..

thu: today test is Business process management.. alot of ppl didn't studied.. they thought that the test is easy.. but for my case.. i spend the whole 1 n 1/2 hour writing.. writing craps.. but those easy qns.. i forgot liao.. end up lost marks on that.. humph.. nvm.. ok.. so after that.. i abit i got admit i got slack abit when i reach home.. go home watch tv.. then relax abit then start my work.. after that i am juz simply too tired... i slp for 1 hr then wake up for dinner then continue to study.. find out that System analysis has too much to study le.. then weeyang called me at 12 midnight to chat at our progess.. then we complain at not enuf time to study.. he taught thru phone de 10 principles.. then we were deciding want to stay up at night.. as in dun slp.. then do le test.. jiu go.. haha.. end up we called alice to see whether she awake or not.. coz she whole nite didn't study at all.. then when i called.. she sounds like she has been wake up by my ring.. then i press the conference button secretly..

alice was so shock that got 2 voices.. we lied to her that weeyang is at my hse.. she BELIEVED it.. i was like.. laughing like hell.. but continue to act with weeyang..haha.. then 10mins later we asked do u noe wat is "conference".. she said she dunno.. WAHAHA.. silly gal.. haha.. so we chat untill 2am..then can't tahan.. slp le..

fri:.. my last paper.. how to phase it.. didn't did as well as i expected.. coz i can't rmb de 8 phases and others lah.. but weeyang de 10 principles really save me abit.. maybe i will need that 6 marks to pass the test de leh..haha.. then problem matrix was a mess.. the cause and the problem.. i also dunno i put it correctly or not..the more i look.. the tenser i get.. so i decided.. to follow my intinst and wrote.. i complete as much as can... no blanks.. dunno de.. i all make up my own.. my realistic explaination..haha.. so called.. i guess the marker will laugh and fall on the floor ba..

so.. okay.. i decided to reward myself with an awesome lunch.. guess where i go with yuanh and jon..Mac.. yup.. Mac is like my 2nd home liao le.. 4 times in 8 days.. i ate the expensiest 1.. heartache but worth it.. the burgar was like edible.. but i won't go for 2nd time.. shaker fries is really FANTASTIC.. u shld really try it.. HIGHLY RECOMMENED.. the green tea.. yupyup.. nice nice.. drink le 3 times coke.. guess green tea is still the nicest.. haha.. gtg.. take care guys and enjoy your vacation oh.. haha..

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