Saturday, June 16, 2007

my tis week of schedule

Wah.. 1 week almost gone liao.. 1 more to go.. woohoo.. i miss my class.. lolz.. yup.. i didn't miss sch.. coz this week i went to sch 3 times liao.. can u imagined holidays u still need to go to sch.. where there's is only like 1/10 of the sch population (roughly)

mon 18/6: celebrate cherine's birthday with victoria... and maybe sengyap (watch a movie.. probably is fantastic 4..WOOHOO!)
tue 19/6: undecided my swim weekday practise
wed 20/6: play badminton with joseph and qingxiang.. (cancelled) Going out with hock to shop
thu 21/6: class gathering for steamboat dinner..WOOHOO!!
fri 22/6: Go out with my ex-teacher (cancelled)
sat 23/6: undecided
sun 24/6: swim lesson

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