Wednesday, August 22, 2007

... studied with zhiyuan.. actually didn't benefit much on studies..ha.. coz all along we were talking.. i got make a 2 pages notes lah.. but we studied from 1 to 5 loh.. in between got go compass point walk walk lah.. ha... so in the end.. i didn't revise muh on system analysis (SAS).. :(..

but that's okay lah..haha.. zhiyuan told me juz now that i got the ability to influence others' moods..haha.. i dunno leh?.. but i.. myself.. very easy to have mood swings..ha.. which i dun encourage to have lah..haha..

hmm.. ytd go out with claudia and jeanne to buy something at bugis..haha.. i admit that shirt we bought very cool..haha.. i will go back to that shop to buy de.. hehez...:).. and we3 have a good laugh-chatting lah.. haha.. they show me their "fireworks" videos while we were eating mac...ha.. we gobble 2 large fries and share 1 large coke light.. :)).. the 2nd fries were the best.. salty and yummy..:).. love salty fries..

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