Thursday, August 23, 2007


woohoo.. today finally watched secret the movie le.. so happi today.. coz i waited for so long since 8 aug 2007 till now.. ha.. yup.. the storyline was very fantastic and there are alot of climax that links the whole storyline together.. the SECRET is actually a very SHOCKING one.. which i can't tell here lah.. but really.. i was very amazing at how jay chou directed it.. so so so... FILLED WITH com effects and yet very realistic to our school life.. yup.. 3 THUMBS UP.. if i have to borrow my fren's thumb.. hahah((it's that great.. !!).. yup..

it's like at the very very end..u will then noe wat actually happened.. not to mentioned.. those mysteries.. they are all SOLVED at the ending part.. which very REALLY REALLY shocking.. and to all frens out there who haven't watched it.. these 2 weeks are your last chance.. and.. today i watched only... 2 slots in GV and there are only 8 ppl(+ me).. watching..haha.. (that was 3 weeks after the premire)..haha..

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