Monday, August 6, 2007


Heya.. i am now in the lab now.. nth to do.. waiting for time to pass.. basically.. my fren's father drive him at 6pm mah.. so now waiting loh..lolz.. ha.. sian.. last sat i went out with sengyap to celebrate victoria bd.. we went to plaza sing to watch movie and have dinner there..

the movie we watch is Vacancy, which is the most exciting movie i watched so far, the ppl in the cinema screamed and shouted thrice, and i am one of them... lolz.. hmm

dunno what to type.. so sian.. kk.. nxt week i am very busy with all the activities.. here are some:
1) 13 Aug: Conversation circle 2 (CMSK1)
2) 13 Aug: BPM powerpoint presentation
3) Also 13 Aug: ISFUN powerpt presentation
4) 14 Aug: Java assignment submission (PRSP)
5) 14 Aug: Java lab test (PRSP)
6) 15 Aug: Basic business finanace class test (25% weightage)

I guess that's already quite enuf.. ha... :D
zhang dong liang coming on the 13 Aug.. dunno want to go or not.. coz scare no time to finish Java report.. hmm.. that's all.. i guess i need to end now.. :)

P.S: i going to change a new blogskin
P.S.S: my throat is better after buying the medicine for the 2nd time

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