Friday, November 14, 2008

family issues

originally dun 1 to bring it up.. but can't take it anymore.. well..

it's my sister.. 2nd sis again.. well..this time everyone get pissed off by her.. sian..

juz becoz of a KIWI!!

the story starts when she bought 2 packs of kiwis home.. to eat HERSELF.. then mum asked her can she give (me and mum) each one.. since it's rottening soon.. and u have so much..

after all we are family mah..

then due to her selfish attitude.. AS USUAL.. she reluctantly give to us lah.. i was like eating supper and saw it...

then i told her it's okay for me and mum to share 1/2 of the kiwi each.. no need to give us 2...

then she said "u are my brother mah"

mum interfered (AT THE WRONG TIME) how abt give 1 more to ur elder sis..

then she got angry.. PMS..saying.." why muz i give her.. "

i was like.. well.. she is after all ur sister mah.. why does give her 1 kiwi being harm to u...

she said.. "na.. give you all lah.. i no need to eat lah.. ".. making me more agitated.. i am so pissed off.. and elder sis heard it and shout "WAT!@.@" ... she was so angry...

she(elder sis) told me privately.. what on earth muz she be involve in the quarrel between mum and her (2nd sis)..
then i felt like telling her..( it's like that.. u dunno what's happen when u were away in London.. 2nd sis almost dominate the whole family..throwing her temper and what's so ever.). but i juz told her.. aiya she is like that one.. then i go off to continue eating while i turn my radio the max volume.. covering the voice of my 2nd sis from being reached to my elder sis's ears.. but well the quarrel didn't stop..

my mum gets real upset.. me too.. i close the door and emo in the room.. telling myself.. why shld i give in to her for juz 1 kiwi.. shitty life...

it's so unfair and unreasonable.. haiz.. maybe.. that's juz life.. isn't it?

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