Tuesday, June 17, 2008

London-Paris Study Trip (Jun 7 to Jun 13) Part 1

London-Paris Study Trip (Jun 7 to Jun 13) Part 1
wow.. wow.. wow.. finally have the time to post my blog already.. i have so much to say.. so much to tell.. these 2 months of my non- period of blogging really can prove that i have really been very stressed on my project and i juz really dun feel like blogging and put down some notes.. tml i will briefly mention some events that happens from april to june the first week..

so basically.. the most impt thing is the London-Paris Study Trip lah, as the name mention, the word Study.. Means no shopping no anything.. just plain study right? but YOU ARE WRONG.. later i will tell you why.. i will keep this short.. coz i dun 1 every1 reading this to feel draggy and long winded.

SAT June 7: Depart with Frens and say goodbyes to sayhaow and hariyani.. really thank them to come all the way.. (although hari a part is to send huan yi off.. lol).
That time was my first time taking a flight.. SIA flight somemore for 13 hours..OH NO.. tell you what.. i am totally amazed by everything.. the air stewards' services, the wide selections of movies, music and drama. AND for my most impt thing.. the GREAT FOOD served.. oh.. tell you what.. i love everything that's on the serving tray.. YUMMY!! but the ear pressure during the landing.. makes my impression on airplanes abit.. u noe.. disgusted.. i mean.. the pressure was so great that.. i keep on praying and closing my eyes to wait for the pressure to gone like what Jon said.. the ears like 1 to pump out like that..

when reach London is abt 8pm.. and the sky is still like evening like that.. and the weather is AIR-CONDITIONAL type.. haha.. when i first step out of the airport, the FIRST thing i ask is the exit air-con-ed.. then when i walked even further with my luggage.. nope.. i can feel it's as cold.. :)

Dinner was in the pub..salad, spaghetti, cake.. came in a big serving.. WAH.. that was my first time wasting food.. so guilty..SO MUCH FOOD somemore.. HAI.. after that we went back to our hotel called Ashley Hotel for our room check in.. the room was sufficient for 3 big guys, US, to sleep on our individual bed and that's a small tiny washroom with a shower in it.. which i think it's already quite good liao.. given this package.. got a television and a cupboard somemore.. no need aircon coz outside the wind can blow in and cool the room, bed is so comfortable.. Jon said when he juz laid on the bed, he want to slp instantly liao.. wah..!
and i slp the latest coz i need to write a diary (which what i am holding on now..).. till 2+am.

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