Thursday, June 19, 2008

View on relationship dated 27/5/08

...It all started when i was sitting in bus 43 on my way to meet my frens at singapore post on 27/5/08.. i immediately written down my feelings and thought on a piece of paper i have on that point time. here is what i have written:

"Just now sitting infront of me is a young couple. I bet they must be in secondary school. They look so young. They seem very cheerful (happy), immerse in the romance (bah).. Sometimes i wonder where is my Miss Right. How i wish that I can HAVE HER, HUG HER. Put my long arms on her shoulder and let her lie on my chest. How I wish I can MAKE HER LAUGH, STOP HER TEARS.

When will this moment comes? I keep on asking myself this... NOT that I dun have the finance to do so. I rmb few months down this current post, I have written another one about relationship. It's not that... (I somehow contradicts myself now V.S. then). I think is that I dun have the courage to ask her.. ask her myself *(Will you be my stead) .. HAI! "

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