Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mistakes and misunderstanding

Mistakes and misunderstanding
well.. in one week.. i make the same mistake and misunderstand another issue again.. well.. i guess i am play ignorant.. haha.. no.. i guess i think too much liao.. sometimes.. i dunno why.. i have been over-sensitive.. sensitive is good.. but when it turns to over-sensitive.. it becomes uncontrollable.. somemore.. i can tense to be abit too emotional over matters..

i guess when all of the these combined together.. i become very emo loh.. haha..

ya.. she is right.. thinking back at what she is trying to implying last thu.. it all fits together in one piece liao.. maybe i am just giving myself false hopes to move on.. which i hate myself for that.. i guess.. i need to change..

"A leopard cannot change its spot"

hopefully, a ah-meng here can change its "furs" to be less sensitive and emotional bah..

wish me luck


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