Saturday, July 5, 2008

My breakthough

OH my GOODNESS <(@.@)> ytd is really my breakthough of the day, i completed 2 presentations in a single day, 12pm and 8.15pm de.. so shiok..

my first presentation was at 12pm at Business Objects lab, ms lina surprisely didn't ask me alot of qns when i am presenting.. she asked those i have predicted but didn't prepared de.. lol.. shld have prepared them earlier.. i really can't find that period that she's wanting.. so ... :"(

after that, i felt a sense of relieved and achievement, thank yuanhong for his answering to help our whole team, wanying for her hardwork and kaizhou for her participation and ever been there for me when i need her help.. :)

my second presentation was at 8.15pm at lecture threate 12, presenting on Global Citizenship on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in UnitedKingdom and Singapore.. i stumbbled over the words lah.. but not that nervous liao.. maybe i am use to presenting already... u can see my hand gestures and way of speaking liao.. not that tense liao.. i guess when ur facts are right.. that's not point fearing what the ppl will be asking you about..

for both presentations.. i have overcome my fear of stage fright.. not that shivering and nervous.. just can't pronounce the words clearly... juz give me more time and i am sure by this end of sem.. i can give a proper presentation.. with more confidence! :)

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