Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Unresolved.. of a NEW problem..
i think she (another) will see it.. but i dun care.. put inside my heart.. i feel really very suffocating..
"nothing is impossible".. i guess i need to consider trusting this phrase liao..

(can't describe her.. )
(can't tell the incident)

but what i can say is.. which i 1 to tell her is that.. after ytd night.. nth much happen lah.. but when reach this morning.. i dunno why.. that feelings that i have for these few mths like disappear liao.. i dunno.. i somehow do not have that feeling for her liao.. then.. dunno lah.. maybe my heart wasn't right?..

maybe i still need to time to overcome/recover.. i still think my side here is a small matter.. i guess i bother too much bah.. or did i really care for her too much..

sometimes i wonder why i am so selfless.. i give up?... dunno leh.. i guess the time is not right for me to tell her that i like her.. everytime for different crushes.. i will just hide it very VERY well.. she is one of them.. one that i want to hide it as a secret.. i guess no one really will take note of that bah.. but that's good.. at least i have some good memories of us been together.. i dun think she will ever re-read this post.. so let's make this a special one..

i cherish the moments that i and her have together.. as a good fren, a good sister, a good brother, a good... whatever.. all those will be in my heart/mind de..

: Ai .......... : i will give up myself as an admirer of yours from NOW oh.. go to the man that you ALWAYS love.. i zhu fu ni! your guardian angel, always will be here for you de.. dun worry.. i wouldn't posed any feelings on you anymore.. cause this is the relationship that is forbidden for me to do.. NI YAO XIN FU!

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