Thursday, July 17, 2008

Extracted for the "shocking" post 1 week before...

Publicly! i REALLY REALLY want to apologised for the wrong info carried forward..

Extracted for the "shocking" post 1 week before...

""2 days back i was worried for her.. she off her hp.. i sent her a 3 sms long msg hope she can get less troubled over a problem that i dunno.. but now.. come to think..(1) it is this problem that she is upset about.. i dunno what's her mood when she write that post lah..(2) angry? or what?.. i dunno.. what i noe that i can sense "piss-ful-ness" in that post.. it really made me very upset that.. very upset.. i dunno how i can finish my FOI.. one problem after another..(3) i guess i shld stop grping with her.. (4) from COTS till now.. i still can't get over why she is always not in a good mood.. (5) i dunno lah.. what she really wants.. ... ...."

i want to settle every details that i wrote once and for all.. i dun want everyone to misunderstand i mean ANYMORE.. and i also dun wish my relationship with her ever fallen back again..

(1) ""it is this problem that she is upset about.."" : what i mean is that i predicted at that point of time that her disappointment is the problem that she is upset about..( but i am wrong!)

(2) ""angry? or what?.. i dunno.. what i noe that i can sense "piss-ful-ness" in that post.. "" : that time i am very furious and i really felt ashamed of me writing this.. i guess i am juz over angry.. but what i seen and my thoughts and actions have been consumed by the "DIRTY" feelings from the devil.. (pardon me if i say something that is too personal)

(3) ""i guess i shld stop grping with her": i guess i am too harsh in saying that.. the thought just zoom in to my brain and i juz type in down in words.. that IS A FOOLISH THOUGHT!

(4) ""from COTS till now.. i still can't get over why she is always not in a good mood.."": that should be the correct phrase.. not "Withstand" her.. i juz can't understand why she is in a bad mood and that point of time.. in COTS lab.. i upset her abit with some silly jokes..our grp of guys went to far then i give up the final blow.. lol.. i shall not say more.. i felt that i should be scolded and slap! maybe i am trying to far off to understand her le bah.. in the way that i go all the way to think too much liao..

(5) "" i dunno lah.. what she really wants.. "": that's the corrected version..

Sometimes when words are laying infront of you in the com screen and you tend to think of the way that you feel about these strings of words and infer them that is not in the CORRECT frequency as the person who is trying to imply to you (viewers).. that's where everything started to goes wrong.. and SPAM!.. the untrue rumours started spreading and spreading..

This is really what i dun WISH to see.. so u can see.. sometimes.. i didn't posted much personal stuffs with details on the blog.. but given that.. from my knowledge.. the ppl who see my blog are all my close frens.. i thus can let go abit of my happenings around lah.. but i guess that particular post is really the worst one i have ever written.. spell errors all over.. that time i am over fumed and over frustrated liao.. dunno y.. it's getting from bad to worse..

i guess i really need someone to teach me how to manage my anger liao.. but dun worry.. this post is a promising one.. why?.. becoz i can feel a peace in my heart!

ps: i have a new name called Charles Law.. quite like it lah.. thanks everyone for their good laugh.. especially wany for her newly creation of name.. although there is a RICH STORY behind it.. very funny.. those who 1 to noe.. ask me personally bah.. sure u laugh untill cannot tahan.. but good lah.. Charles sounds more professional compared to Jimmy.. sounds so childish.. haha.. but no matter what..

as long as i can bring joy to my friends, there will be no limits to where and how i can go to achieve the high and the low for them.. i am not lying.. trust me.. trust OCBC.. nono..

last up.. by demand, i went to see wany's blog.. juz one to give a RANDOM shout-out that..

WANYING! I HAVE LOVE YOU MORE THAN i have loved you last time.. !!
Really really thank God for his plans of this trials.. i guess it will strengthen both of us?.. what did you think?.. haha.. yup.. He did strengthen my faith.. :)

Take care everyone!

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