Saturday, March 13, 2010

this is IT!

okay, it sux..

i know it, and i knew it secretly down my heart.. my grade can't jump from 2.5 to 3.1...

now, i am really having doubt with the verse, "nothing is impossible". is everything really possible?

i am going for the SAT test in the near future.. hopefully i will start studying it in April while i give out tution/relief teaching assignment to earn an income for myself.

Going forward, i still believe there is a slim chance for me to go to SMU.
pray for me okay? i am applying next year with my excellent SAT results.

as for SIM, i am already set out my mind into which degree to take up already.
all the best for me.

ps: chEEmEng is ready upset over his mum in insisting himself going to a local uni even his LOW results can't get into.. argh.. pissing off at himself..

it just boils down to the module that i have failed, it pulled down my whole entire CGPA.. even though how i tried to pull those grades up.. bit by bit. it's still only..2.59..

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