Sunday, April 8, 2007

my busiest week in march-april ' 07 (part 2)

29/3/07 thu: wah today i am so happy cause i finally get dao de technique to swim liao.. i leap forward and start to swim as my instructor told us that the uptrust is very important.. so i finally can float liao and it's float in 1.0 m depth pool..wah.. so happy on that day..

30/3/07 fri: today i finally can went out with my frens joseph (Jo) and qingxiang (qx) to k-box le.. coz my dad not working so he can take care of my granny.. hurray.. and so we 3 meet at hougang plaza at 11am.. they were not me who was early coz i disappoint them once mah.. (see my busiest week in march (part1)).. so i need to be early or else they will be even disappointed.. so we met.. beforehand i am thinking whether Jo will be angry or not.. cause he sounded very angry (his sms reply to me on mon 26/3/07 was very hack-care de.. so been with frens with him from sec1 till now.. i noe his temper lah.. so thinking will he be still angry.. then when he met us that time.. he seems fine lah.. then i also scared to talk.. then is qx who starts 1st...then we 2 sat together then qx sat right at the end beside Jo then is like " qx jo me" yup..this position.. anyway we sang alot of songs and really have a great time in the room lah.. then i got sang a few solo pieces.. like angela zhang de"bu tong".. evan yo de "wo ke yi" n "fan bu wan de xia tian" then still got stefanie sun "ni guang"... haha..

31/3/07 sat: rmb last sat i and my aunty and aunty cindy went to ding tai feng?.. (view my busiest week in march' 07 (part 1)) today i went out again with them..this time we went to a 6 star hotel for high tea.. as usual we met at mrt station.. this time is newton mrt then we walk out of the exit and walk a short distance to reach the hotel.. the hotel.. 1 word i can say it's "GRAND" yup.. majestic imperial.. that's how gigantic it is.. yup.. the high tea buffet is abt (i heard).. $28++ per person.. WOW juz 4 high tea.. that's is expensive already.. then we sat and have a walk along the catering.. yup.. IS A WALK.. becoz it's like a whole stretch of delicate(ENGLISH not good.. )then we start of with sandwiches.. all kind of sandwiches.. crab meat.. salmon.. otah.. all kinds la.. but like salmon de best.. i ate 5 of them..haha.. then we start our main dishes.. pau and putu mayum.. rojak.. (more to asian delights)..then popian.. then we have fresh boil coffee brew by "our" KEN.. we juz get to noe this waiter.. my aunt told me it's better to address the waiter and waiterness by names.. let that they will feel more appreciate..??? but anyw we have a good laugh at finding his name (we need to search his name on his name tag but he keeps moving..) then those 2 aunties.. yup..they so hua chi (seduce(did i use the correct word?).. by this handsome gentleman abt 20+ lah.. i guess..typical aunties).. haha..jk.. then we asked Ken coz we finally spotted his name when he come to us then we tell aunt.. here is a conversation.

My aunt: Ken i am juz wondering could we have your coffee or tea to be freshly brew coz those in the trays are not fresh enuf (some left 4 very long time already)
Ken: oh.. sure.. Ken CAN help u brew the coffee.

Then all of us have a great laugh over that.. hehez.. then it's time to proceed to the desserts and cakes.. wah.. the most yummy cake i tried is the oreo chessecake.. wah..the whole oreo is at the bottom top up with the big slice of chesse cake.. wah. it's HEAVENLY delicious.. then we still try diffn cakes as usual we take 1 plate and fill up with 1 cake only (for 3 of us) then we cut and share using our fork.. like that no need waste food mah.. coz our 2 aunt have a very SMALL appeitte but especially my aunt she like to have a go at every food {hao(4) jia (4)} hokieen language bah.. spell error* then we have another cup of coffee.. then Ken approach us again

Ken: i am sorry to inform you that my shift is over, i have kindly told my collegue that all of your coffee will be specially brew and serve fresh.

we say thanks and smile.. then aunt told us that it's not necessary for him (as a waiter) to say that to us.. coz been a waiter once your shift is over.. it's over.. but he is very polite as in although his shift is over he has kindly inform us..i mean that not necassary for him to that.. but he has the sincerity to do that.. that makes us appreciate tis buffet even better.. the hotel shld be proud of their staff especially our handsome guy KEN..:)..then we rest and have a nice time chatting.. then the 2 aunt chat sometimes..i do get bored but it's okay lah.. then we finish it off with hot and cold desserts (we ate in cold 1st then wait awhile then hot..)then chat again then we called 4 hot tea.. i ordered peppermint.. 1 type of the tea which i didn't try be4.. and hmm.. it's really refreshing..(mint mah.. of course refreshing.. so stupid).. yup.. then we grab some fresh fruits.. i like their's those round round in shape 1.. yumm.. then i go off 1st at 4pm (we start at 12nn).. coz they said they dun1 me to bored to death.. but my aunt told me that i can withstand till 4pm is already very good liao.. coz aunties' talk mah..ghaha..

1 /4/07 sun: today is april's fool.. i fool my frens by sending them "u are been fooled" msg to them..they laughed..erm.. okay.. yup.. i create that msg de loh.. they shld appreciate..haha..
anyway today afternn as usual i went 4 my swimming lesson.. this time we show our instructor our newly swimming techs.. he said that " well done.. u 2 have improved alot" to me and jian yong.. yup.. that's very touching moments as i can prove to myself that i can actually float which i told myself in my 1st lesson.. "i am so fat n tall how can i float.. somemore in 1.0m pool".. but i proved to myself wrong this time.. a bit honoured lah..haha..

after that in evening i have a family dinner.. coz some of my uncles came a visit granny.. then they bought zhu ciao (how to say in english leh.. as in those coffeeshop those stall who can cook all-in-1 dishes like fried rice.. pork ribs.. steamboat.. prawns crabs.. those.. get it?.. fathinah?..haha.. ) and so i have a great time.. eating and eating.. rewarded myself..haaha.. good job Jim.. HAHA..

nth happen much on 2/4 n 3/4 i will move on to 4/4/07: today my library books date due.. so i went to compasspt(cp) to return my books and borrow new books.. yup..hehez.. so then i shop after that for youhock bd present.. but i can't find any of those 1 one..hmm.. mon (9/4/07) i am going to far east with jean and claud to see see liao..haha.. wish me best of luck. anyw i saw patrina after that (shopping).. then we have a small chat then she told me she is going for camp tml then come to cp to buy some necessary items loh.. wah so concidence to meet her.. the world is so small that';s wat i can say..haha.. FRENS REVOLVE THE EARTH AROUND.. HOORRAY :p

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