Tuesday, April 17, 2007


wah. finally i retreive back my private blog.. seems like 1 whole year didn't type liao.. coz all my deep thoughts i all put into my heart or some i juz carefully put into my public blog then didn't mention the name.. yup.. these 2 daes i read my old posts from these 2 posts.. i found out really alot of myself.. coz my blog i always wrote many detailed de things.. so it's like i read and the thoughts flashed back again.. since sec2 i have start writing blog liao.. then coz public blog some really private things can't let all of the viewers noe.. i then started my private blog.. so u will be discover how come sept -dec of 2005 nothing much de.. that whole 4 mths happened alot of private things.. it's seems continues... yup.. this post is juz a short 1 lah.. later i still need to wrote the friday kb gor concert.. (promise u all i weedend will wrote but didn't.. sorry ah).. okay that's all 4 now loh.. THE PAST IS TO LEFT IN MY HEART THE FUTURE IS AHEAD OF ME THE PRESENT IS HOLD IN MY HANDS..:D

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