Monday, April 2, 2007

my busiest week of march ' 07 (part 1)

THU 22/3/07 i decided to went swimming with jianyong.. however the sky didn't look as great as we predicted.. when i reach the complex.. it's already veryvery black liao.. but i carried on applying my sun lotion..then after jianyong came (half n hr later).. the sky is even darker.. but we still decided to start our swimming..(a very wrong decision).. when in pool for abt started to drizzle then thunder strikes.. jianyong asked me whether thunder strikes will strike de pool or nt..i told him if it strikes the pool..every1 in the pool will gonna strikes dun worry.. but after that the rain became heavier therefore we needed to retreat to the shelter to wait 34 the rain to stop.. but after 30-40 mins the rain still didn't stop.. but it is smaller liao..haha then we start swimming and holding our breath lo.. after that we shower and change then left the gate at 6+ as we both hungry we bought the pancakes at one of the bakery near hougang mall and left individualy.

Fri 23/3/07: ytd cheryl and i decide to discuss on the TP package together on phone then after that she told me sihui birthday is 26/3 which is this coming mon.. then i tell her i dun hv the financial thingy.. then she offer to meet together and go TP together coz she also need to ask abt his direct admission thingy.. we met at 12.30pm at pasir ris interchange n took bus 23 to TP loh..

then we went straight to the TP office to take my forms i wonder why.. when i say to the clerk " sorry i dun hv" then i going to point to the financial forms .. but she already knew i dun hv.. so smart.. no lah.. it's she noe i dun hv.. coz maybe there are plenty more who also dun hv these forms came before me to get the forms loh.. then after that we went to (...again to keep thnigs short...) to tampines mall to think of present to give sihui.. cheryl bought a comsic soundtrack and i bought a big panda at toy'r'us...haha..but their service really bad coz the price of the similar(they look so alike) panda is that the colour the texture are all the same.. only the price diffn lah..haha.. then as the panda looks very big we decided to bring it directly to sihui house..haha.. that's a phone conversation between sihui and cheryl.

CL: hey si~~hui, wat r u doing now..
SH: oh watching dvds loh..
CL: No la we went to TP to get the forms lo..
SH: Oh.. okay lo.. come loh.

Sihui was too shocked that i and cheryl went out together..haha.. okay lah..that's our 1st date/appointment..hehex.. we both wore white tees..(ddin't arrange de hor..).. then we sit together in the bus to chat lo..sort of noe her better liao.. i still rmb last year in april.. that was our 1st meet with Ian and sihui.. sihui bring cheryl and ian bring me out we 4 go out together.. that was my 1st time meeting cheryl..then that is also how our frenshp blosooms..hhahaha.. really very long story lah.

Haha okay back track... then we board bus 88 and alighted infront of her hse.

CL: Can she heard us ah..?
CM: think so lah..
CL: but how come nobody open de doors de..I try knocking the door... .


WE IMMEDIATELY SAY "SORRY SORRY" but he very kind also.. "Looking for who?... can i help?" but we were so ASHAMED and quickly rush to the other end (which is sihui hse.. we were simply PLAIN STUPID.. COZ SIHUI JUZ GAVE US HER UNIT NO. AND YET WE DIDN'T DOULBE CHECK...:))


We laughed untill stomach pain... and i squatted on the floor with my arms folded and laugh out's so crazy... i will RMB IT FOR MY LIFETIME... SO EXTREME...:D (we laughed at ourselves and pointed at eachother and laughed again at the lobby then walk to sihui door and press the bell.. still can't stop laughing..) (we then told her the extreme act that we had juz now.. she laughed and promise she will tell her family abt it..haha.. we are so ashamed of ourselves...:P

We suprise her with our present and she like my panda alot..(she really looks like 1..haha..that's wat i and cheryl say).. then she hug it..hehez... then we sit down there to watch scv.. MTV channel lah.. got alot of new mtv..then sing along n laugh along.. cheryl seems more crazier coz she did some crazy acts which i didn't rmb i saw it be4.. that's wahen sihui told me.. "now u noe her true colours le bah"...haha.. then after that at 7pm it rain very heavily.. then sihui mum came back from work and bought us old chang kee.. and our favourite octopus..haha.. i ate 2..(been forced..haha).. but i also very hungry but bu hao yi si(embrassed) to eat alot infront of unfamiliar ppl.. 1 thing i 1 to mention that is sihui mum is veryvery friendly..she keep us company n chit chat with us..haha..then at 9pm we left sihui hse and went separate ways home.

Sat 24/3/07: today i meet my aunt and her fren i called her aunty cindy.. aunt cindy has kindly arranged a lunch meet-out with my aunt and me at Ding Tai Feng(DTF).. cause she noe i love to try out soup dumpling for a long long while already.. i watched the food variety show and seen the artisties ate the dumpling and describle it untill so fantastic.. like heavenly food like that.

And so we meet at city hall mrt at 11.45am and then we make our way down to RAFFLES CITY B1(basement 1) then we found our way to DTF. heng we meet earlier or else my aunt told me when the crowd arrived (which is abt 12+) we need to queue up for the our number to called.. then we were usher to a table in the centre and we start discussing on which food shall we picked.. then we order alot leh.. my aunt said that WE HAVE A BIG RUBBISH BIN (ME) HERE.. SO DUN WORRY ABOUT WASTING FOOD..ARGH..

then we ordered the chef recommedation soup dumplings with prawns and which minced meat each (my favourite).. then the fried dumpling.. it's served hot hot.. as in when the dishes arrived.. it's still hot..then u bite a bit the SATISFACTORY IS PERFECT..same for the soup dumpling.. u simply put one dumpling on ur spoon then put some ginger slices and a bit of soya sause.. then u eat the ENTIRE DUMPLING with your whole mouth.. THE SOUP WILL "Pisz" out and your whole entire mouth will be full of warm soup.. and you bite bite and bite.. dun worry if u have digest the whole dumpling becoz the meat is so soft and the dumpling skin is so soso SMOOTH... that u DUN NEED TO BITE FOR MORE THAN 5 TIMES AND doop.. it enters into your stomach.

Before that, we ordered the drunken chicken..(very smaller plate.. the photo in the menu look bigger..:( ) and stir-fry vege and some others for appetizer.. then others buns.. which we all think it's the skin is too rough cause the skin need to be rough and big enough to contain the inner meat..haha.. therefore it's not that nice...

Then we ordered soup noodles(chef recommedation) and seafood, egg fried rice.. the noodles i find in okay okay lah.. edible..haha.. but the fried rice... u will see that the rice was LIKE CRYSTAL LIKE in shaped.. and it's like very shiny like diamond like that.. (i described untill too extreme liao:p) and so i ate abt 3/4 of the entire dish coz the two ladies can't ate liao.. they say that it's maximum already.. poor me... but i enjoyed eating the rice... soso WONDERFUL..

After that we paid at the counter.. it's abt $98 dollars.. wah.. muz really thanks aunty cindy 4 bring me there.. a wonderful place and the food is served very fast.. GOOD SERVICE i muz say.. Later we waled 2 streets away out of Raffles City to a coffee shop.. this is nt a normal coffee shop.. cleaner bah.. i guess.. it;s like the category between coffee shop and restaurant.. although no aircon lah.. and the weather today is freaking HOT HOT ..H-O-T.. but we still managed to ordered some coffees.. (i drink almost 2 full cups of black coffee)...I LOVE BLACK COFFEES's still plain amazing that i can drink 2 cups of coffee STRAIGHT AWAY after my awesome FULL lunch..haha.. AMAZING STOMACH I MUZ SAY.. MY STOMACH IS LIKE THE UNIVERSE..."wo de wei da ru yu zhou"? I DOUBT SO.. coz later i need to walk veryvery slowly back home or else i will have gastric pain..haha.. the moral of the story is to EAT 7/10 FULL AND NOT 10/10 full..OR ELSE YOU WILL END UP LIKE ME...:D

Sun 25/3/07: i have my 2nd swimming lesson with mr albert law.. he continues to teach us the kicking and ask us to practise loh.. after that i have a family gatering at my house(once per 2 weeks).. ate also alot.. the pi-pa duck is extremely nice coz the frangrance of the duck sauce is all in its bone when it;s is smerging in the sauce during preparing.. thus u can taste the sweetness of the sauce when u bite the duck with abit of bone behind.. the bone still has a bit of juicyness.. wah.. it's has been a wonderful weekend.. :D (I AM A GOOD FOOD REVIEWER :p)

Mon 26/3/07: ytd i slp at 11.30pm simply becoz i need to wake up early in the morning today for medical check up.. TP makes every student complusory for the check up.. hai.. and so i wake up 7am but it rains so heavily that my mum told me to wait awhile more for the rain to reduce..(a wrong decision.. later telll u why?)..then i wait until 7.50am and walk to the interchange with my umbrella (still raining..) to take bus 87.. it's like for 1 interchange to another.. i sit from almost an hour from sengkang to bedok then i alighted and started to finally the free shuttle bus from the bus stop that opposite bedok interc to the SATA clinic.. and walked walked walked under the underpass and luckily i spotted the signal the indicates the bus stop B.. is it that bus stop..?.. i doubt but i tried my luck there..

andYES it is.. then i wait and wait...for at least 30 mins but still no free shuttle bus..i began to panic.. what shall i do..the prob is that i didn't brought my enrolment guide with me.. then i saw a guy holding the pink medical check-up form he took bus 222 and same for those who saw the "free shuttle bus notice" and can't wait anymore they took bus 222 also.. so i guess THAT MUZ BE IT... and so i hop on to the bus and stand near to the exit.. coz like that i will noe whether they are alighting or not.. then i waited.. 1 bus stop after another.. & after the 3th bus stop.. the bus drove uphill and i saw the building with a road sign label "SATA" THIS IS IT... i am the 1st 1 who alight.. (i am kaisu.. haha..)..and then i hurried walk to the entrance.

Wah.. EXTREMELY CROWDED WITH PPL..then i saw a guy pressing the green button at 1 of the machine then i follow (monkey see monkey do).. then i appear to be my registration waiting number 216..(i will rmb this number 4ever).. now serving 039... OMG.. i fainted..(about to).. then i msg my sis and ask her how.. she told me i muz as well wait coz i took a 1h + time to reach here if i 1 to make it another day i need come all the way from sengkang again leh.. very troublesome and since i have nth to do.. she said i muz as well wait lo.

And so for the next 5HRS from 9.45am to 2.45pm.. i have been switching on my mp3.. fliping my newpaper and playing my handp games plus msging my frens.. then i drink my water and went to toilet.. so boring.. the prob is that if my ez-link have money i will went to bedok to shop 1st then come back..the prob is that i dun hv coins to travel back to bedok interchange and my ez-link is in negative value.. sad rite>.< ?...hai... and i came alone.. which make things even more lonelier.. i dun have some 1 to chat with.. this add into the boredness..hai..and it's that i ate my breakfast at 7am thinking that i will be back for lunch at 1pm so i didn;t ate alot(didn't expect the crowd to be so big)..

and now at 12+ my stomach is already die... as in really really flatten.. i keep drinking water to fill my stomach.. that's how hungry i am.. i 1 to complain abt this clinic inorganised system.. it's like the registration booth and the payment booth is the same 1... that's means that the registration need to stop for the ppl to paid.. even if they cut the queue.. (it's like i register then go check-up then finish and i NO NEED TO WAIT FOR MY NUM TO BE CALLED.. and i can PAY and go off already..) that really makes the registration even SLOWER..there;s 45 mins where the registration number completely stop...

hai... but the check-up is fast lah.. that the only good thing they have that i can compliment abt.. i spent abt 45 mins for check-up lo.. then i quickly walk to the busstop.. but i still need to wait.. AGAIN..but quite fast.. abt20 mins or so.. but i also dunno which bus stop to alight..then i look around and saw the interchange..then 1/2 of the passengers drop off i also alighted at there lo..i top-up my ez-link.. i am so hungry but i need to find something less expensive(no Mac.. coz it can't fill my big stomach).. i search almost the entire bedok central.. and yet .. I CAN'T FIND 1 BAKERY...gosh.. it rally sucks.. i intheend ate a sushi at the EGO sushi and bought a mineral water at NTUC.. (i can't live with water..)..(i am a water boy :P) then i make my way to bus 87 and wait for the bus to arrive..and i took it and was on my way back home. When i reach compass pt.. i find something to bring back home for my granny to eat..(coz i promise her to buy her lunch but since i can't make it home in time.. i call her and she cooked instant noodles).. she muz be i buy some kueh for her lo.. when i reach home.. i was still very hungry.. i cook a cup noodles and eat.. wah.. soso hungry...

something terrible happen at evening 6.30pm with my granny.. SHE FELL.i also dunno how she fell down.. it's like everything happen too quickly that i dun have any time to react.. she called my name as i was using the com.. then i turned back and saw her fallen down.. luckily her buttock landed on the floor 1st instead of her head..or else.. i REALLY DUNNO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HER.. i scream for my mum and she managed the situation by asking me to take a cushino for gran to lie her head down and later she asked her how was it.. where is pain and so on...she explain that she can't moved her right leg.. we 1 to send her to her family clinic ourselves but even that she can't even stand up... then my mum tried called for the doc to come for home visit.. but he rejected and say that even he came(to our hse).. also no point.. coz IT'S BEST THAT SHE WENT TO THE HOSPITAL FOR X-RAY.. these internal injuries are hard to tell..

then dad and 3rd sis came back and ask wat happen and we manage to call for a non-emergency ambulance to drive gran to S'pore general hospital.. (SGH).. my mum said that it's best for me to say at home 1st.. and then so i waited at home impatiently while my 2nd sis came back and ask wat happen again.. it;s so frustrating to repeat everything over and over again..hai.. we wait and wait untill nearly 12mn and they came back... mum told me that gran suffer from slight leg fracture..luckily is wat i can say.. (till now she is still complain that it's still very pain.. tml she is goign to seen the doc again.. hope till then she will be fine:))

Tue 27/3/07: i cancelled my k-box appointment with joseph and kelly(qingxiang).. i felt very guilty coz last time during the march holiday i told them i am not free liao..then now.. hai.. wat can i do.. i need to take care of my gran and i also dun hv any mood to sing liao.

Wed 28/3/07: i went for my 3rd lesson of guitar... my teacher teach me another song.. hehez.. then i rushed back home to take care of gran.. after that abt 3pm i went with mum to my skin appointment.. and then we took the mrt but can't find the right busstop which have bus 21.. hai.. in the end we took a taxi and arrive there.. hai.. (coz we only noe the way back from the skin centre to mrt station).. then after that the doctor we meeting is a foreigner loh.. wah.. make things worse... coz i can;t speak English and my english also nt that the end wat he talk i can only understand 80% of it..hai.. wat a unpleasant trip.

After that at night i went for my haircut..wah.. my hair now is very short but i keep my sideburnt long..hehez.. the fringes the barber also didn't cut untill dun hv lah.. hehez.. the i and my dad ate satay and prawn noodles for dinner be4 coming back.. yummyyummy..:D.

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