Thursday, December 6, 2007

peace in my heart

1/12 sat: wonderful service.. was reflecting alot about myself.. what really do i need.. why am i still stuck in the domain of emotional frequent breakdown.. all those reach out to the lost.. really.. does it matter anymore?.. if i can't even reach into my heart?..

bb studies before that.. KINDLY concidencely.. link with the topic of "Faithfulness" and "i can do ALL things thru God who strengthen me".. really.. benefits not interms of understanding.. but also to reflecting.. deeply.. to what i really need to improve on..

2/12 sun: strengthen my mindset from ytd.. really have a nice sermon by andy.. 1st time preaching loh.. .. really really great.. andy is just like my elder brother.. i seen him as my elder brother.. i will also set him as my target of achievement..
- to enter to University.. SMU
- to be active in CHC
- to be a great motivator
- to be a great atmosphere builder
- to master the learning of guitar and to Praise the Lord with lovely melody.. that i have got touched with..
- to be ACE in my studies
- last but the most impt.. TO BE A MAN OF WORDS

that's all.. more to come.. haha..

3/12 mon: QUAN lab was so intensive for me.. i really need to settle my stress down.. it's like i am rushing and become so panic myself.. that's really no good.. end up been the last one to hand up.. but i really did my best.. :)

4/12 tue: CMSK3 citation test is fun lah.. i and jon were like shooting costl.. fun.. but i noe my limits.. so i will turn abit.. and also help jon to turn abit.. he is very straightforward.. so muz help him to settle.. haha.. then we did the test slow and steady.. end up late for that 1.00pm submission.. thanks to weizhi asking mrs ramens something.. then we can extend and rush our final 3 sentences.. 2 marks more.. :).. thanks thanks..

5/12 wed: just got my PBL topic for the month.. money laudering.. end up been with the same topic with wanying they all again.. but nevermind.. i got over it liao.. no more sadness.. i been placed in this grp for the reason of leading costl and kaiz to move on.. in their 3 years of Tp.. so that they will not be so afraid of presenting.. and also.. i have move on to another level of not been so tense for presentation.. :)

and.. hear about news that my course is organised a study trip to London/Paris.. woohoo..!!.. $3000 for the air ticks and stuffs.. expenses excludes.. really 1 to go.. hehez.. tackle my mum these few daes.. and i'll see what i can do about it.. :)

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