Friday, December 14, 2007

A day that is NOT for me!

Last wed 12/12/07: went to jurong swimming complex with jiany, sengy, kweep, zhaox, and weih. Let me tell you why.. below are part of my journal that i wrote during the waiting time.. because due to some communciation, i meet at a different place with them. therefore, i decide to travel another direction but still reach the same destination, simply because, two of starting points are really too FAR.. can't meet except final destination. so therefore, i started my 2 hours of travelling.. Alone.. :"(

"Today is my first time sitting so long in a mrt platform. Seeing trains moving through and Fore. It's was hard to imagine, what will our lives be, if there's no MRT train services. Will S'pore ever be so self-centered - will everyone takes MRT for granted that, to them, MRT is just a tool to travel to reach their destination?

I am now at the platform of Jurong East MRT interchange, lots of crowd moving to and fore, different types of trains, some are brand new bought, some are those who accompany us for a very long time since we were young. But, all of them serve the same purpose of transport crowds and crowds from one single location to another.

Cosy breeze blow across my feet, today I did probably the most foolish thing in my 17 going 18 life. That's to walk from the end of platform A to the beginning of platform A and goes down the estalator and climb up another estalator. I did this also to platform B, walk from the end to the beginning thn goes down and goes up. Originally, i wanted to walk again, but i wonder about the surviences camera right on top of me. won't they will be wondering how come an orange shirt teen keep wandering around the platforms.. aren't he suppose to leave.. or is he committing suicide here.. :X

Actually, life is just like MRT train, so fast, yet so convient that you might not even take notice of it. Here comes my Train, lots of ppl move in, lots of ppl move out. Just like life, lots of ppl move out from your world, lots of ppl come into your world. I have alighted Chinese Garden Station. My train moves away from me like a zooming speed. Suddenly, i got this wierd-odd feeling that it's just like frens who move in and out from your world.

You won't know when, where, how, who he or she will be. Behind me from my right is a couple. Quite lovely, guess they are going Vivocity, overheard their conversation, not in purpose, just too bored. Behind me from my left is a pair of mother and son, few minutes later, they are gone too.. up in the train.

Now I am sitting alone, waiting for them to come. Alone or With God?, I choose to be with God. Birds chirping, car moving, Chinese Garden MRT platform, a very unpleasant place where both nature and urban concidence together.

From Yio Chu Kang MRT station till Chinese Garden Station, it has really been a long while since I am travelling the Red--> Green line. Somemore Alone. NO NO, alone but with God. Really Regret not bring my sis's MP3 player along, but still good lah. At least i still feel a peace in my heart. it has really been awhile since my heart.. has.. just.. settled down.

Here are their train. Bless me once again as you have blessed me. Ahem! "

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