Saturday, December 15, 2007

claudia bd

Glisten inc. present to you!... (drum rolls).. XIAO MEI claud's 1* Birthday celebration.. woohoo.. 8 dec 2007 is really unpleasant one.. let me tell you all why.. haha..

1st evidence: birthday gal with a soft toy duck-ling(darling).. ms ah bee.. and a right hand stretch out to help her hold an art piece for her?.. birthday gal= the biggest?

Shuai ge in the house?.. opps.. i shouldn't say that.. or else everyone will throw rotten eggs at me.. but i thought eggs increase price liao.. so better not throw rotten eggs.. expensive sia..

lovely photos by lovely sisters of mine.. woohoo.. birthday gal(2nd evidence: photo of ur right).. not concentrate on singing oh.. caught red handed..but the problem is my hand is not red.. hers aren't too..:P

on the way home.. sitting in cosy comfortable car of princess birthday gal.. this pic just nice right?.. i capture this shot de loh.. praise my LONG hand.. and non-shaky movements.. wahaha.. :).. the guy behind me is handsome guy of princess.. i named him Prince Klement bah.. hehez.. nice guy though noe him for less than 1 hr.. he help me alot with the seat belt.. hehez..:)

so basically here are our itinery:
12-1.20pm: i meet jeanne at takashimaya to purchase cake and present.. but can't find a rightful present.. (both of us were late.. originally meet 11.30.. haha).. somemore we walk the wrong way to cineleisure.. totally wrong.. we walked 3 bus stops back.. FAINTs.. lucikly dunno why.. our bus brought us back to the bus stop that is nearest to cine.. woohoo!

1.20-2pm: subway makan lunch.. yummy.. it's cheap.. big.. and nice.. waiting and aiming for the next subway offers liao:).. then i rush to Expo for bb studies and pre-service.. and service..

7.30pm-8.10: rush out of expo.. travel to orchard to pick up the cake that we order this afternoon..

8.10-8.40: waiting unpatiently for them to settle off a restaurant.. and to buy the present with jeanne.. that's the most exciting part.. can't let claudia spot dao.. then we run like mad dogs.. haha..

8.40-8.50: paying the gift.. wrapping.. rush out of the department store.. 1m away from delifrance.. light up candle.. (i brought from home).. then we go in.. sing birthday song.. everyone was looking at us.. claud was so shocked.. "da jie, ni bu shi shuo ni bu ke yi lai de meh?".. i told her i afternn not free.. doesn't mean i whole day till night not free ah.. she laughed like dunno what.. one of the waiteress very funny.. attract attention.. haha.. but good service by her.. then after that we shot photos.. give her our presents.. she is very happy.. :)

9.30-10: dinner time.. or is it supper.. super extremely annoyed by the waiter service.. it's like.. he slumped the dish on the table loh.. create a very LOUD bang sound.. complain here!.. dun go TAKASHIMAYA DELIFRANCE ANYMORE!!.. argh..

10-10.20: rush and wait for claud's dad car.. have fun watching mobile tv.. hehez..

10.50: back home:)

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