Friday, March 14, 2008

All the happenings in March ' 08 (week 2) part A

3/3 mon: i really forgotten what i did on monday.. i guess i slp till 1pm.. then my lunch is ready.. my gran really nice meals.. after eating lunch with my gran.. i guess i am surfing the net lah.. then after that watch some tv programmes.. around 5+pm.. meiwei called and ask me out to travel to school together.. since i am also travelling alone.. i agreed loh:)..

we arrived the school around 6 for the Orientation Leadership Training Camp(OLTC) Briefing by IITSC (informatics and information technology study club).. with zy of course (meet him in our 2nd transfer bus).. then i finally found costllan after that.. yup.. then saw hari.. endup sitting with costllan but inbetween is hari.. i seldom sit like that.. at first it's abit odd.. but afterward.. it's hari who got bullied by us..lolz.. after that the briefing started.. bad news.. our OLTC has been pushed back to end of march due to some disagreement with the upper management over IITSC prosposal of the training camp.. hai.. hope this will be resolved asap!!

after that.. we waited to sign our attendance before we went off.. as we were waiting.. hari is the one who got bullied.. lolz.. bullied by all guys.. zy joined in later.. but kana beat back by hari..lolz.. with all those funny pranks and playful childish acts.. we finally waited our turns to sign our attendance.. meiwei helped us signed and we are off to go.. spending time with them are really really awesome.. dunno why.. that 1 hour plus.. i am really truthfully wholeheartedly happy.. it has been awhile since i am THAT happy already.. i really cherish the moments.. as we were about to go off.. it started to rain.. oh.. heavily.. we take a detour.. but end up walked longer that we could.. we were laughing and beating one another around the concourse of the plaza.. playing pranks as and when we could.. making fun of each other.. lolz.. (it's really very touching to reflash these memory now.. as i am typing now.. i am really about to tears.. okok.. switch topics..).. as we took diffn buses home.. i end up travelling home alone but i am not alone.. cause.. i brought all those memory and my long-missing smile back home on that night:)

4/3 tue: this week happens to be my aunt mary's leave period.. so she nudged me to go try great food together today.. we end up in wisma atrium FOOD REPUBLIC to try their traditional local food..

F00D Review: Food Republic has lots of varieties of food from dim sum to famous prawn noodles.. satay.. chicken wings.. all sorts of food that will bring you back childhood memories.. that's the "ice stall" (bin dian) that sell lots of old 60's 70's desserts and the whole food court.. isn't a food court.. is really like neighbourhood stalls that you see during the older days.. we tried the fried prawn hokkien mee although all stalls have write up and good food reviews.. we just can't finish eating every single stalls.. then we ordered some chicken wings and popiah.. that popiah was so-so.. chicken wings is above average.. ah.. forget the prawn mee.. it's really wonderful.. the mee is served really hot.. dished out with steam.. u can barely smell the aroma of the finishing product while the chef is cooking infront of you.. YESH.. he cook infront of you while there's a platform and a plastic shield in between.. haha.. (END)

later we ordered "fortunate resturant dim sum".. which i guess is affordable and yet taste above average.. for 1 "long" (1 wooden container) you have 3 pieces of the dim sum.. each long is 4 dollars only.. WAY CHEAPER than those resturants you ate.. but the quality is the same.. sometimes even better cause of the freshness of the dim sum.. food courts serves a more turnover crowds.. in this way.. the food from the stalls will be consumed faster than restaurant.. in this way.. the stalls can make more fresh dim sum.. and so.. it taste better :)..

later we meet the bus stop outside Le Meridien hotel cause my aunt need to settle some office stuff.. i took that time to tour around the hotel.. it's quite ulu.. with all the closed pubs and karoake for adults.. there are some florists, jap food restuarants and shoes shops around bah.. i have captured some photos.. i see whether my phone can support this first.. there will be more elarboration once the photos are up..

meanwhile i finally met aunt and we took a bus to People's Park Complex to try its dessert.. my aunt said that's a write up on that.. that bus travelled from the hotel to plaza sing.. to the central at clarke quay.. and next is our stop.. 5-6 bus stops and we have moved from town to chinatown.. isn't how connected Singapore can be?..

Connection AND its Closeness: it really amazed me how clarke quay is so close to orchard and chinatown.. looking back.. if i haven't taken that bus.. i won't even noe that.. sometimes.. we overlooked these things as we were too busy to bothered this minor trival matters.. but thinking ahead.. both me and my aunt were totally amazed at how connected this place can be.. (later i will telling you about the connected of chinatown and CBD area.. :) (END)

we alighted and try our means to locate the dessert stall.. and as we detoured.. we senses the fragrance of PANDAN LEAVES.. and when we walked in the corridor.. it's the stall.. oh man.. it's like.. the stall is 7 shops away and yet by the fragrance of the PANDAN leaves.. we can locate the stall.. isn't the stall powderful!!

F00D Review: there are several desserts to offer.. both hot and cold and the range of prices.. NOT expensive.. the serving is rather big though.. we ordered 1 mix hei zhi ma xin ren hu, 1 mix oh-ni with oh-zhou and 1 barley with gigoku nuts.. the service is excellant.. what we need to do is to pick our choices of dessert and the waiteress will juz collect the money direct from us and serve us the dessert later.. we no need to walk a single step.. juz sit and chit-chat while waiting for the dessert to be served.. lovely.. okay.. now is the individual food review time.. opps.. here i come..

  • mix hei zhi ma xin ren hu, it's really odd to mix this 2 hot dessert together lah.. but the cook did an excellant job.. the paste (liquid) mouthful by mouthful.. entered into your mouth.. touched by your tongue and travelled down to your throat.. oHHH!!.. it's so sensational.. it's really so smooth and tasty.. and it's not TOO sweet at all.. even my aunt who can't take sweet stuff.. eat it so deliciously.. that's the amazing part..
  • mix oh-ni and oh-zhou.. it's rather even unique to mix these 2 together too.. but i can tell you the oh-ni is so smooth untill it melts in your mouth and to your throat.. it's really can fight with the best choco that you have ever tasted..
  • barley with gigoku nuts.. it's another NOT so sweet dessert that.. the gigoku nuts' skins are so well-peel off that.. it's so perfectly cooked.. inside the nuts that's no any bitterness.. all the inner bitterness are remove.. PERFECT.. :) (END)

after eating dessert.. one of my aunt's collegue smsed aunt that there's a nice bakery shop around chinatown that served GREAT pastries especially bo luo bao.. we end up walked the entire outram park and stretched to chinatown but still can't find the shop.. sillyly her collegue didn't provide us with the shop name and the location.. she only give us a rough idea of some of the landmarks there like the indian temple and the chinese tooth temple.. hmm..

we give up after over 30mins of finding.. we decide to have some coffee to end this journey off.. but the nearest nicest coffee is at Far East Square.. way behind China Square.. as we were 2 streets off China Square.. my aunt started gumbling lah.. haha.. i cheered her up and say.. "we are going to reach.. soon.. "..haha.. after 15 mins and we are at...

F00D Review: YA-KUN@.@.. woohoo.. they serve really nice black coffee.. OH.. i love black coffee.. traditional one.. the aroma will really blow you up and make you feel totally comfortable and in some cases when u were tired.. this really will wake you up.. OH.. love love love!!.. my aunt also order some kaya toast lah.. it's still has the standard although i am now cutting on TOO sweet stuff.. but it's above average overall.. but really nice coffee though to wash everything down..however 1 thing to complain.. it's the one of the staff.. his service are really very rude and sometimes annoying.. i guess is his character lah.. old man's character?.. but not old man is like that mah.. clear plates while the bread crumbs fall on my aunt's head.. serve food with the plates knocking loudly on the table.. not only our table.. one customer is busy attending a call and yet he is beside waiting for him impatiently and ask him what he wants.. the customer can't take it but to pause the conversation and told him wat they want.. isn't it a bit rude.. i mean .. CAN'T HE WAITS!! (END)

okay.. enough of complaining.. back to my trip to town.. as i am on my way to find any bus to travel home.. i discover that..

Connection AND its Closeness: Far East Square is just few minutes away from Central Business District area.. CBD.. then as i walked over to see any other buses.. i saw Lao Pa Sha opposite me.. wow.. then later is all those TALL TALL building that i will be working next time.. these places are really so closed to one another.. some times when you travelled to one place.. u didn't really know what are some neighbourhood areas around there.. now i finally got them right? CHEERS! (END)

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