Friday, March 14, 2008

All the happenings in March ' 08 (week 1)

1/3 sat: went out with zy x2 to queensway to find zy some sneakers.. in the end he finally found one.. although it's quite pricing.. but still within his budget.. :) after that evening i travelled down to meet my 2 aunts.. aunt mary and aunt cindy for buffet dinner at Raffles Hotel :) my aunt mary later told me that Raffles Hotel is one of the top hotel is Singapore and lots of tourists like to come to accomadate in here.. then she brought me and aunty cindy to tour around like never before.. the hotel is so big that we gotten lost.. lolz.. luckily we traced and walked back the path we walked before.. and reach back to the main auditorium.. :)

F00d Review: the appetizers whether they are served cold or normal.. they are just teriffic.. that's the best appetizers i even have.. the salads have lots of varieties from potato salad to all kinds of vege salads.. there are over more than 10 kinds of cheeses for over 8 kinds of bread.. wholemeal.. multi-grains.. what so ever.. u name it.. they'll have it.. one dish to highlight.. it's the octopus served cold with this red sauce.. it's like the octopus are so chewy.. the taste is so sensational.. heavenly great:)..

after that's it's the main dish sections.. all sections are clearly divided.. there are also grilled section where the smoked chicken/beef.. grilled chicken.. beef.. and balls.. u tried beef balls before?.. it's chewy too.. but the taste tasted abit wierd wierd de.. the dessets section served with lots of varities of cakes, muffins, all sorts of tropical fruits, chocolate fondue, chocos.. lots and lots of chocos.. (END)

i really have a great time eating there, the environment is perfect, the people are perfect, the food is perfectly alright, everything is so perfect that i wondered.. i am really dreaming to be in Raffles Hotel where you can glance the whole hall.. i guess i am the youngster teenager sitting in the couch eating.. apart from the young small kids of 7-8 yrs old lah :) somemore.. eatingfood with my aunts are a awesome enjoyment.. marvellous!!

2/3 sun: today i overslept again.. but managed to get to expo on time for service.. today's guest performance is F.I.R de Faye and A-Qin.. then pastor preached about servanthood.. it's rather long but the message brought across is so direct into your heart:) after that i and joyce accompany the new frens for lunch at the food court nearby.. it's so AWFULLY crowded.. wah.. and STUFFY.. oh mAN.. luckily we managed to find some seats shared by a table.. we ate but end up attend cgm late.. hmm.. blamed the heavy rain?.. or the slow bus travelling approximate rate of 30mins and the WORST thing is that when we alighted 2 streets from andy's hse.. the bus that's after our bus is that same bus service no. FAINT!!.. we are so irritated by that but continued to hurry down to andy's hse.. luckily we approach a kind lady who pointed us the correct direction.. thank God!

that's not all.. i make my way home after cgm.. my house is holding family gathering and my 2nd uncle brought his home-cooked CURRY-FISH.. oh.. to be honest with you.. that's no a single chance i reject my uncle's food.. becoz it's DAM delicious.. it's really beyond your imagination.. you will juz 1 to eat more and more and more.. until u are about to throw up.. lol.. :)

Performance Review: Faye and A-Qin are so lovely.. like 2 lovebirds.. on stage.. they are sharing how they can forked out time apart from their concert rehearsals and album productions, media performance etcs.. how really they can balance it well enough to spent time to foster their individual relationship with God and at that same time holding on hand in hand their commitment to their partner.. which i think that's really a good role model for me to follow.. their performance was simply great lah.. love A-Qin's guitar so much that one day i promise myself i got to at least stand on the stage to play the guitar.. lol.. electronic though.. dotz.. maybe acoustic first bah.. but his guitar is really pretty painted with gold and there's this blinked blinked effect.. oh..LOVELY!

Food Review: talking about food makes me feel so hungry.. but i guess next week i will have lots of food (scroll up).. but it's good to ENJOY food!.. okay.. the curry fish head and meats.. my gran told me each piece of fish is $28 dollars loh.. can you imagine!.. he bought about 5-6 big pieces with a mixture of head and middle part.. and it's so awesome cooked with my uncle's culinary skills.. wah.. i tell you.. u will beg me for wanting to try this.. i eat and eat.. the gravy was so se-dup (yummy in malay) that it spices up your throat and you will have a terrible wonderful sensation after swallowing the gravy.. dip with bites of bread.. the bread just soaked the gravy so well that.. with one squeeze of your teeth.. all the fragrance of the gravy is penerate to every parts of your mouth.. sounds abit over :P.. but it's the truth.. lolz..

i end up finished the half loaf of enriched bonjur bread with my dad.. 2 of us were sharing the loaf.. then my dad.. overturned the package and pulled out ALL the bread out.. it.. really leaves me with NO choice BUT to eat some of them.. but i EAT AND EAT AND EAT.. and... i end up finished the half loaf (about 8 slices) with my dad.. on top of that.. we eaten the bread buns uncle bought few mins ago.. oh MAN(@.@).. that's it.. after eaten.. i really collapsed down on the sofa.. hand masseging my stomach and enjoy fellowshipping with my family>.<

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