Friday, May 25, 2007


ha.. let me slowly tell you what happen these few days..

wed: today in basic business finance(BBFin).. i did a good job in those math questions lah.. haha.. as usual i am the few minority who did my tutorial hws...haha.. my frens all is like taking turn to view my answer..haha.. ok lah.. COPY.. ha.. i am alright with this.. but it's their loss who copied my work and end up dunno what's going on.. copy with understanding is a key term i learnt from yuanhong today..haha..

my frens and i go to mensa and eat.. tell you ah.. the western food is SUPER nice de.. especially the chicken chop and chicken cutlet.. i intro chicken chop first.. the chicken chop is pan fried de.. as in the skin will be very crispy and the chicken chop will be very tender and soft.. so when you bite that time.. that sense of satifactory is just perfect..haha..

next is chicken cutlet, the cutlet although is fried 1.. it's very fresh out of the wok.. as in u will get burnt tongues if u didn't wait a while.. haha.. but this kind of fried foods is the best to eat fresh..:)... juz be careful can liao..haha.. anyway after that we go to the voting booth to vote for our INTSC (IT study club..that's wat i saw on banner) 's main committee lah.. yup.. vote for shawn.. darren.. melvin.. and some familiar faces which worked with us on week 0.. thanks 4 their leadership to make my TP oriention a wonderful one.. and also to other OLs (oriention leaders who were in subb committee.. i am coming to have fun with you all liao..haha..)

evening.. i met jianyong and kweepeng to swim.. yup kweepeng.. so it's like got a cold already still go swim.. i muz be crazy liao.. not lah.. is juz that i need to practise my swimming for my swim test (bronze) either in june(which i guess is impossible.. based on my capablities).. and sept..yup.. guess sept will be the exact time..haha.. coz i have a long vacation to practise and have fun..haha..

night.. after swim.. i shower liao and makan dinner.. after drive my mum and me to clinic.. yup.. I AM that.. my cold since last mon till now.. still ddin't recover.. it's like the phlem first is at throat 1.. then shift up to the nose.. then after that they both got phlem.. and now.. today.. the phlem stuck in the throat and nose.. it's juz that they taking shifts.. and now.. on vacation..argh.. no lah.. i mean i am very fed up by this lah.. so finally i surrender and go to my family doctor. so i got my antiboties.. cough syrup.. cold plus phlem medicines.. and losenges.. guess how much it costs... $35.. wah.. dam expensive.. but (fri) now i am feeling much better le..haha.. thanks to him..haha..

after that.. back home.. originally is complete my SAS hws de.. but on liao msn.. end up chatting with Jem..haha.. noe A LOT more about him..haha.. yup.. chat for about 1 hour..then i give up after my medication.. which makes brain spin like hell.. ha..

still got oh.. i rmb clearly when i am dreaming during slping.. u noe wat i dreamed of.. my BBFin teacher.. oh my gosh.. it's like i and with my new classmates in a classroom.. looks like my sec sch classroom.. then it's like my teacher is asking me qns after dismiss.. "later have what lesson, cheemeng?".. i rmb i look at the clock and it's 11am.. shld be a tuesday.. then i answered.. "we have a 4 hours break from 11-3pm, but dunno whether have APEL at 2-3pm".. which is exactly my scheldue.. omg.. is my medication that works effectively to brain.. or is just that i am too stress out with my sch work le.. so scary.. i woke up still can rmb clearly.. as in now i am still typing almost eXactly wat happen in that dream.. oh.. SCARY sia..

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