Saturday, May 12, 2007


wah.. today i am going to share my experience sitting on the first 3 rows of the cinema.. yups.. spidey(spiderman3) de movie review.. i had watched it last sat.. and now.. some images still are in my brain..haha.. spidey is really a great show.. let me give u some storylines (to those who haven't watch or has watched but forget de story)

okay it's stated that that's this poisonous black venom drop from de space and landed to the earth.. spiderman(peter).. unfortunately is at that area.. then this vemon is able to attached to someone and it needs to stay together with its main body(the human) in order to be alive.. yup.. and after that all those dramas started.. the sandy man appeared for revenge.. the 2nd generation of green goblin.. peter's best fren, harry, seek for revenge of his dad.. he believe it is peter who killed his dad.. it turned out that peter killed the wrong man (spiderman2).. and the real killer is still on the run.. which was the sand man..

thus, peter was so angry at himself for killing the wrong ppl(actually is the man scare of spiderman then drop off from the building).. so he swear that he will killed sand man for revenge of his uncle.. it's that.. the venom spread onto peter body on a night.. and....

i can't tell liao.. coz if ur all haven't watch.. then i really spolit the mood liao..haha..

but i can say that the climax is that MJ(mary jane) is hold up in the taxi in the sky with black web.. wah.. then peter saved her.. .... ... the scenes are like locking together.. one exciting part after another.. with great sound effects and unexpected situation of the death of..... wah.. i really teared when he dead.. so ashamed of that..haha.. but kept quiet and wipe off my tears lah.. although my fingers are dirty and my eyes get irritated by my tears.. hah.. shhh.. dun tell anyone..haha.. THIS IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME... LOLZ..

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