Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Run and stop

monday we played a board game called "Run and stop".. (if i have rmb correctly..:)).. so it's like about stock exchange game.. we need to form into 2 groups of 10 to play the game.. it's like monoploy game like that.. then every1 take turns to throw dices and to move their checkers bah.. then when u reach a specific stop.. u can either buy or sell shares or skip it to proceed to the next player.. then still got those stock news and stock rumours.. so the stock it's like moving up and down very fast de loh... we really have a great fun playing the game lah.. thanks to mr chew..our BPM(Business Process Management) tutor..haha..

as in when we pick dao the stock news.. every1 wanted the stock prices to go up mah.. then when throwing dice.. we were like all saying .. "1" "1".. then end up the dice roll is "1"..haha.. we end up having a great laugh at ourselves.. even mr chew comeby to watch us play.. this round winner is joyce lah.. but next mon we will play another round.. jia you.. i will win..haha..

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