Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jap ala carte buffet

u noe wat.. i dunno how to spell ala carte de.. so u noe wat i do.. i search the kfc promotion leaflet to search for the word "ala carte"... dotz.. lolz.. so you all can guess how WELL is my EL language le bah.. okay back track..

if u scroll down to 10 posts or more downwards.. u shld see a post about a lunch at Din Tai Feng.. a chinese dim sum restaurant.. that's where i.. my aunt.. and her fren.. which i called her aunty cindy.. meet a promise to eat Jap ala carte buffet on the 19/5/07.. ytd lah.. so that's how it started..

i and my aunt met a centrepoint de taxi stand.. but i was 15mins late.. :P.. so in the end i run all the way from db ghaut mrt to centrepoint.. wah.. whole tee drenched.. pathetic.. is the word i can only think of ... coz my aunt told me once that she hate ppl who is not puntural.. hmm.. haha.. so i run all the way loh.. i also dunno why so late.. i wake up at 9am..then do all those necassary stuffs.. didn't even style my hair.. coz i think no 1 will cares abt my hair except myself.. so i juz leave it like it is .. (some 1 muz really teach me how to have a nice style-up)..

ha.. always side track de.. so i met her then we go Marks and spencer to buy some chocolate and cookies for aunty cindy.. coz aunty cindy treat us.. the buffet is like $30 per person.. and if u want to muz book 1 full month in advance.. if earlier..the we met aunty cindy at that bus stop(a few distance after centrept).. we took bus 123 to reach our desination..haha.. it's a hotel.. then the restaurant is inside the hotel..

the funniest-er thing is that.. we dunno where to stop..then we l00k around..then 3..6..8.. stops gone..then somewhere after that.. we saw a promotion banner stating the hotel name.. wah.. the bus is going to speed up.. then... we quickly press the busbell.. wah.. the bus..stop in emergency.. wah.. the ppl in the bus shocked dao.. so we end up very embrassed.. ha.. but fortuanately we press the bell.. or else the bus will turn a big way to another unknown place liao..

so we walk in the hotel and into the restaurant.. wow.. the restaurant is like so.. nicely decorated with traditional paintings and stuffs lah.. wah.. we even need to remove our shoes to sit on the cushions.. then it's like very very traditional de japanese restaurant .. those u seen on we started ordering the foods.. we started off steamed eggs.. raw sashimi.. hand rolls.. then we ordered a plate of steamed salmon fish head.. then came out alot of on house dishes..

we are served warm green tea..then on house dishes are as followed.. miso soup.. raw salads.. mini wok.. wah.. let me give u some brief descriptions of the foods we ate..
steamed egg: hmm.. the egg are so smooth and when you ate that time.. the egg layer juz smoothen down to ur throat.. then there's also crab meat and meat ball under the egg layer..wah.. fantastic for opening dish..
hand roll: we tried the salmon skin hand roll first.. so it's like the hand roll is wipe with seaweed(of course).. and inside the rice .. it's the salmon the skin is like so cripsyly fried.. then when you munch that time.. the seaweed and the rice plus the skin and the vege... all combine together to give u a wonderful satisfactory.. wah.. unforgettable feeling..
salmon fish head: as u all noe.. fish has a lot of meat.. 1 tail and 1head.. so if u 1 fish head.. it's very rare.. or should i say is difficult to buy.. limited lah.. i mean.. so when the fish is been served.. you can smell the freshness of the fish.. wah.. then when u taste that time.. the fish juz disappear from your mouth then to ur throat (of course lah.. then go where.. ).. but it's really really FRESH.. or else when served.. there will be a smelly smell liao..

wah.. we ate from 11.45am to 2 pm loh.. i am like totally enjoy it.. wonderful moments of my life.. i can swear.. guess i need to wait another 10 years to use my own money to enjoy this high class food..haha.. but i really fortunate lah.. to enjoy this now..

after that we go to Ya Kun to drink black coffees and eat toasts.. that's about 2 hr later..then we go a restaurant called "Don's"..they sell very famous pies.. wah..i love pies.. their pies are crispy outside and soft inside.. then that's very worth it for a $4+ pie.. big pie i mean.. with a whole lot of ingredients inside.. wah.. it's like super worth it for the money.. then the pie is like the size of my face.. wah.. 1 special thing about Don's is that.. then take away stall and dine in stall is opposite across the streets.. odd right?..

later we went separate ways at raffles place mrt at evening time. and i reach compass point(sengkang) buy some stationary... nono.. a file.. guess who i saw.. meiwei.. weeyang and jingsheng.. my new classmates lah.. wah.. so qiao.. meet dao them in popular.. haha.. we chat a few words then i go off to cashier liao..:)

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