Friday, May 18, 2007

CCN day

CCN day..or CNN day.. it doesn't matter.. coz IT'S ALREADY OVER.. today i am really really very tired.. CCN day is about selling a particular item..then wat u earn.. minize de capital will all goes to the charity.. i also dunno which charity is it..

ytd i am still very excited about this.. but today.. i juz very disappointed at C184*(my class).. there are 22 ppl in my class.. guess how many ppl turn up?..about 1/2 of it.. how many go off.. 1/2 of the rest of 1/2.. which means only 1/3 ppl of my class helped out.. other classes of IT was like shouting and baragining like mad.. but our class leh.. we need all the manpower we could find.. and indeed.. we left with all the MEN power.. as in guys..

today i wake up at 9.30am..then after breakfast i took 2 buses (27 n 62) to reach jonathan house.. help him carry those 5kgs mixed beans and 4 medium-size container.. we took 3 bags and off to go to TP.. hmm.. along de way.. we chat and guess whether who will skip CCN.. we have some names in our minds.. yup.. but we are totally wrong..

we reach Tp about nearly 12nn.. then we go find our booth.. sad to say.. it juz a small place at the corridor.. i wonder why mr toh (our care person) didn't tell us where is the exact location.. so i can't prepare de leaflets ytd.. humph.. aiya.. suan le..

later, that booth.. when we saw.. is... is empty.. all the booths.. nono.. i mean those at the locations is juz empty corridors pasted with class number.. that point of time.. i am totally shock least we shld have a push cart or some tables and chairs that some class in the outdoor booths have.. humph.. in the end we 2 waited for about 5-10 mins.. be4 other of my classmates juz came by slowly.. okay.. i didn't blame them.. so they seems not to bother about that.. still want to open a new packet of nuts to eat..

since there's a lot of nuts.. i didn't say anything.. i juz go up with costllan and jonathan to Applied science block(Asc) to find tables and chairs.. we found from that block to IT block..heng we spotted some1 carried some tables n chairs.. then we asked.. they told us is at that furtherest room on the same level.. i wonder why mr toh didn't inform us on this rent of tables and chairs.. humph.. okay.. nvm.. so we carry that across IT level 5 to Asc then down to level 3.. by foot.. in between there are several doors.. irritating doors i shld say.. keep blocking our way..

finally.. we reach level 3.. very very sweaty now.. then we rest awhile and ask other classmates to wash the containers.. and u noe wat.. the group of gals are chatting at 1 corner..eating at the same time..didn't even help us.. argh.. okok.. cool down..(no need to be angry be that.. Jim is not so petty de).. shoo.. so we 3 set up the tables... and u noe wat.. the booth on our right eat our place.. they occupied at last about 1/5 of our place.. leaving us so close with C185.. which is our left side de booth.. C185 makes milo dinosaw.. i guess that 's a good idea.. since they also makes bubble teas and etcs.. drinks..

okay.. back track.. so no 1 is willing to wash those containers.. end up i and jonathan wash.. in the toilet.. very qi liang.. hai.. then after that we clean it and wipe it dry.. we fill in the beans and start selling.. jonathan got EL enrichment.. left me and costllan plus yuan hong and the 2 gals yaping and siyun.. alice they all say they are hungry and dunno wat crap lah.. go off without informing us.. then wanying even better.. go off to ex-sch.. dun 1 to help.. but.. this kind of charity work.. we can't force them de lah..

so the next 2 hrs the rest of us started selling... meiwei bought 2 kachang puteh.. and give us $4.. said she start de ball rolling.. okay.. i am glad.. but later.. she didn't help liao.. no where to be found..hai.. so we all were like pushing each other to sell mobilely to others.. but no 1 willing to do.. i volunteer..thn they push to me.. hai.. but i smart too.. 1 them to help me.. i say.. i 1 2 more ppl to pei me.. so siyun and yaping plus me.. started selling.. we walked 1 around on the concourse.. only got 1 customer.. after that back to booth.. sell a few more.. then we start shouting "kachang puteh.. 1 for 80 cents.. 3 for $2" (we set the price for profit).. untill my voice.. crack.. as in no voice liao..

(following is updateD_ @ at sunday 21/5)

so we continue to sell.. and shout.. then i was like too high liao.. keep shouting.. even the ppl beside me(other booth de) diao me.. then i sense something wrong.. so i stop liao.. lolz..then we sold 3 kachang puteh to darren the OL(oriention leader) then 1 kachang puteh to shawn the OL.. basically is 1/3 of our sell is to OL.. 1/3 is to others.. 1/3 is from magic show..which i will tell u later.. okay.. i mean now.. lolz.. so it's like we sell the kachang puteh with free magic performance by yuan hong lah.. basically i am a bit guilty to let yuan hong volunteer to perform lah.. but since he like playing magic tricks so much.. i dun think he will be uphappy or unwilling to perform for magic de bah.. so our selling slogan change to "kachang puteh 1 for 80 cents, 3 for $2 with free magic show"

so after the last two gals left... we continue to sell.. yuan hong continue to perform.. then we counted de money.. got earn back de capital.. so we decided to stop liao.. coz 4 ppl also can't do anything much de mah.. so we started to slack loh..started to eat our own foods.. yuanhong even pick out the orange prawn crackers to eat loh.. that's my favourite too.. so we started to eat.. then after that the directors and the staff from IT school came to tour the place lah.. yuan hong shld be famous liao coz he got show them magic tricks and they were really suprised like wat we used to react last time.. haha.. later we started giving away free kacang puteh.. so end earlier than other classes but we got achieve some profits for charity.. i find it already okay liao.. at least we did our best.. 1 person effort is small.. 22 ppl(no. of ppl in my class) efforts shld be the greatest.. but.. haiz... nvm..

but i really envious of C185 morale and class spirit leh.. hmm.. but despite of this CCN incident.. i still think that C184 is not so bad after all.. if i were giving a choice to change history.. i still won't change anything.. that's me.. haha..