Monday, May 7, 2007


i really dunno wat happen to this blogger lah.. that tab on top of the posts is like shift to the left.. humph.. okay.. now at u can see it's 12.30am.. i am still blogging.. i am really mad.. okay.. so ytd the badmintion tryout.. hmm.. how to say.. it's only 20mins.. wah... i am like.. wat the.... i came so early up (report at 9am) and u tell me i can go off liao.. so angry with that..

that teacher still say "we only take in those who qualified for competitions.. those who didn't could continues to try our next and next next tryout to get into this cca.. every tryout will be awarded SEAL points (which i guess is only participation points), those who didn't get in might play your badminton with your frens leisurely.. you can book the badminton courts and our factilities are free for you to use..same for those rackets and shuttlecorks.. "

in short.. you need to get into the competition if u 1 to have badminton as ur cca.. humph.. i was like can't i play badminton leisurely as a cca... they so.. but i muz accept the fact that those sports teams are mainly for competition wise.. so if u 1 to pursuit a cca.. i guess INTSC is good choice.. wahaha..

so it's like ytd.. i coincedently been randomly picked with jiasheng(js)(my nv mate but not close) and two of the strangers.. so we played one on one.. at half court.. so i suggest to js to team together.. and so we played.. i received most of the shots by him and vice versa.. heng ah.. i picked up the cork only a few times.. same for him.. but i wonder how did the person judging us noe our names when he asked us to write our names but didn't get note about it.. hai.. nvm..

so.. after that 20 minutes trial out, i am totally sweat.. as in whole tee wet dao like juz came out of bath without towel.. then i waited for cheryl and claudia and their friends and my friends, Jon and costllan to play finished.. yupp.. but i pang seh my frens and pei claud and cheryl to play badminton outside the hall.. haha.. i am so bad..:)).. then we played at the carpark(further to the stadium).. yup.. then that cheryl started her lame jokes and idoitic suaning tactics at poor me lah.. but i am smart.. REALLY.. i counter back by suaning her back.. then we were like suaning each other even claud de fren also say "can u2 stop da qing ma qiao".. but we did nth mah.. haha.. lolz.. okay lah.. i quite enjoyed the time we 4 (including claud de fren called yi bi bah..)..

claud.. when u seen this.. plz help me said sorry to your fren yi bi.. coz i really didn't did it in purpose to make fun of her name.. aiyo.. tell now i still can't forgive myself(not so serious lah).. coz cheryl say yi bi mah.. then i continue by saying yi bi ya ya..yi bi yi bi ya.. aiyo.. after that i then noe it's her name.. wah.. super embrassed de..

but other than that.. i guess it's still a fun morning bah.. haha.. (12.52am.. i have 8mins to type somemore).. so it's like after that i take bus home with jon.. he waited for me.. haha.. he say he is very free.. so he wait for me loh.. haha.. then we take the bus 27 home.. empty de.. coz came 2 buses at 1 go.. we take the behind 1..haha.. so smart right?... lolz

after that i reached home.. i was dam hungry.. i shower watever i think it's edible.. haha.. i ate 2 tarts and 5 wan-wan crackers plus a POKKA green tea.. lolz.. then i ate le lunch jiu go make my bus pass le.. coz $52 plus $3 subcharge loh.. wat to activate the ez-link.. dunno it's really or not.. then i took the train to db ghaut to meet sengyap at 2pm to buy the spiderman3 movie tickets.. but unfortunately the earliest ticks we can get is 9+ pm.. so i was like.. OMG.. s'porean is really so kiasu de meh?.. then we took a train down to orchard cine.. hope that's seats available..

then hor.. u noe wat.. we asked the clerk there to let us check for seats.. then it's like we check 5.15...5.30..5.45..6.15..then it's like all taken up.. left the first two that how to watch .. so i said " we will come back again...thanks".. i guess that clerk muz be dam angry.. check so much still didn't book seats.. lolz.. then later we go back to the another clerk to check for 7.45..7.30..6.30..6.45... i 1st time like that choose seats loh.. behind de ppl is like a bit can't tahan liao.. so we quickly picked de 6.45 de.. coz got first 3 rows.. it's like.. letter row P... u can imagine that's how many rows.. we are row P... okay lah.. more updated on "the SPIDEY MOVIE REVIEW"..

1.03 am now.. 1.04 liao.. i broke my promise of slp at 1am.. okay.. then sun(today).. very sad coz can't go to sentosa since i have swimming practise at 2+ onwards.. sentosa muz be dam fun.. hai.. okay.. dun think liao..dun think liao.. later can't slp.. so it's like jianyong

(jy) is late for swim.. then i waited for him mah.. so i also late.. then kweepeng(kp) n zhaoxiang(zx) tag along..they swim their own while waiting for us to finish our practise.. today de practise is very tense.. coz we need to swim the breadth of 1.6pool then swim almost half of the lap of the competitive pool..

later after that we joined Zx and kp to continue swimming lah.. swim until 7pm then we shower liao go eat french fries.. $1 only loh.. but not mac de quality lah.. then after that we shot some photos and go off liao.. the3 of them go buy things while i go home liao.. haha..

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