Wednesday, May 23, 2007


ytd i went with my so called "gang" of frens.. (yuan hong costllan and jonathan..) plus wanying.. we go bedok de hawker centre eat.. the foods are nice lah.. then we have a lot of great time laughing at our silly jokes lah.. which i find that life in TP shldn't be like studying studying and studying de.. occasionally we can like spend some time to relax and chit chat de mah..haha.. ok.. so we ate le lunch still have time mah.. you noe wat we went to ...

we went to NTUC.. lolz.. since bedok de is like 2 levels mah.. so we started shopping there loh.. haha.. funny right.. shop in NTUC.. so we go aroubd NTUC de several departments and walk walk see see and play play loh.. hah.. make silly jokes lah.. which most from mine is lame de..haha.. so after that we decided to buy marigold yogurt to eat lah.. since there are like 5 of us.. but the yogurt came in like twin pack.. so we bought 6 yogurts(3packs) to share..haha.. yup.. then we go cashier pay money loh.. wanying pay money.. we behind her act as customers.. so others will think that the queue is long then queue the other side..haha.. playful sia..

later we go off to take bus 69 back to Tp and that's how our 2 n 1/2 hours break gone.. lots of singing along sessions on the buses and lots of fun and laughter..haha..

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